Summer Envy

It's about this time of year when I start thinking, "Can't we just skip ahead to summer already!?" Of course, I'm not even a hot weather/summer person but being a few months deep into snow and clouds and frozen temps really makes you long for the tiniest bit of warmth and sun. Being stuck in the house has got me finally getting around to actually sifting through this summer's photos. I know. So lazy over here. 

The first photo is the view from my sister-in-law's house. That is her front yard!! You want to talk about envy... my front yard is a Walmart. Not going to lie, it is pretty handy on those days you randomly need socks, a coffee table, a circular saw, and a jug o' milk. 

I would still take this front yard over mine any day!! 


The Moments Before..

I told our photographer I didn't really want any "getting ready" photos but to meet us at the house right before the ladies were going to walk over to the church. She's a gem so she decided to pop over to the house five minutes early to catch a few photos before we left (Once she found it!). Old Newfoundland towns threw caution to the wind when building their houses. Two other people's yards need to be crossed to make your way up the path. You feel like you're B&E'ing just trying to get to the door.

Anyways! When she arrived at the house I was already dressed and just getting the hair piece put in my hair by my ma. (It was also made by her!)

 The wedding wasn't until 4:30 and we had to leave the house at 4:28 to make on time so my morning was pretty relaxed. I woke up and iced the cake and walked it down the road to the hall. I stuck together some flowers with washi tape (I was going to be more creative but I got lazy), walked my niece up the road to get her hair done, and played Angry Birds while I waited for my friend Jenn to come make my hair presentable (it always looks the same...frizzy and heavy).

Then once we were all ready we walked across the field towards the church. I specifically told David to be at the church at 4:15 and he arrived after me. I did see him walking down another road farther away so at least I knew he was coming. Men...So slow.....


A Year's End Reset

I usually do a wrap up of the year with an update on how my resolutions went (hint: not well) and a recap of my favourite places I've got to visit but I just can't muster up the energy to do it this year. If 2015 was a Friends episode it would be called "The One That Exhausted Me". As is probably evident by my nearly non-existent participation on my own blog the latter half of the year, life has gotten in the way of all the fun stuff.

 The first half of the year was pretty well dedicated to wedding related items and, while it was an amazing day, I certainly would not want to plan another one!! We had a nice small ceremony and reception (which I will share on here at some point! I swear!) and I can't imagine planning a large wedding. I would be committed to a mental institute if that were the case. Sewing my dress also burnt me out on my crafting. It took too long. Way too long. I 100% wouldn't do it again! I would throw all the money at someone in order to never have to do that again!

Right after we got back from the wedding my work picked up. The busiest it has ever been in the 5 years I've worked here. I've been working out of town on site two days a week on top of squeezing in my regular work and let me tell you it is tough! Spending over 4 hours a day driving for those those days just drains me. Fun fact about me: I am a much happier passenger than driver. Driving makes me grumpy. Also to have to drive in Alberta in the winter makes me grumpier. 

I feel like the first half of the year I was in such a positive head space and now as the second half draws to a close negative thoughts have creeped in. One of my resolutions was to do daily yoga. I did really well for most of the year but it's disappeared since October and I'm finding it hard to squeeze it in. Usually that's my time to settle the mind and keep in a positive headspace. I've never been good at meditation or focusing on a mantra or anything but I felt like I needed to do something with myself to end the day on a positive note instead of being stressed out. So for my farewell post to 2015 I will leave you with my recipe for resetting my mind after a busy, dark, winter's day.

Reset Recipe

1. Take a steamy shower (or bath if your into that) by candlelight.
2. Put on a nice smell - I rub my face/neck/shoulders in jojoba oil mixed with eucalyptus.
3. Find a quiet place - I literally pull a dining room chair into my (too small) bathroom and put my feet up on the counter. Gotta do what you gotta do for privacy.
4. Turn on some good sounds - I downloaded the Relax Melodies app and flick on some stormy ocean noise.
5.  Then lean back and count really, really slowly till I reach 100. Visualizing each number and drawing it in my minds eye. If anything else creeps into my mind I "swish" it away and keep focusing on the numbers.

That's it! I can't stop thinking during a meditation so the counting for me really helps force my brain to just stop for a few minutes. Right now with feeling so physically, mentally, and emotionally tired that's just what I need. An odd side-effect I've noticed is that after I'm done my count I am so parched. Mouth feels like a desert kind of parched. I'm not sure what brings this on but all I can think about after is gulping down nearly a pitcher of water! Weird but true!

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I have a massage booked, lots of naps penciled in, too much food, a solid netflix queue, and I'm going to make that quilt I've been meaning too finally!

See you next year!


A Blip in Time

These photos are from a rare moment of quiet for me this autumn. I thought planning a wedding was busy times. Nope. This season is 100 times busier. Road trips. Classes. Way too much work. I'm banking on a nice long Christmas break to recoup after all of this. 

Me and Keko went on this walk in September. Maybe October? I can't even remember now! There was a nice drizzle though and heavy cloud which always makes everything extra quiet, which I like the best. It started raining heavily at one point and I hid under a tree and got separated from the dog. After the drizzle, I carried on expecting to run into him again on our usual route. When I finished up with still no sign I went on home where I found him asleep in his blanket. What a guy! Left me half way because he doesn't like to get wet! Dogs these days.

Since I mentioned the wedding above I am excited to say we got our photos back! They look lovely and I will share sometime soon!

(I don't know why my text wont left align!! Sorry this is so annoying to read!)


Whale Cove, NL - Part 1

This was one of the most beautiful evenings I've ever experienced. We met up with some friends and decided to go for a drive down the coast to Burin Bay but ended up going a little further until we hit the end of the road in Whale Cove. The water was absolutely still as there was no breeze. We found a little path that led up to a look out where we watched the sunset (I'll share those in the next post) and made slow motion videos of us running and making silly faces. You know, regular grown up stuff. 

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