Swept Away

This Bilbo quote seems to encompass my life lately. Lots of changes, lots of stress, lots of the unknown. Every time I "step outside my door" I seem to get swept away here and there and none of those places are this little space of mine.

It's July now. Less than a month until we get married. I'm a creature of habit and this month will be completely shaking that up. Making tons of phone calls when I usually avoid any phone conversations. Preparing myself to have all eyes on us when I normally stick to being a wallflower. Gearing up for flying again... Thats a big one. I don't know if its getting older or what but I've developed a bit of a flight anxiety. It never used to bother me and now (like a child) I need to have scores of things to keep me busy and not thinking about being in an airplane. I nearly passed out during a wee panic attack last time. Woozy, light-heated, hot and cold at the same time, hyper-ventilating, numb hands and face. The people in the seat across from me looked very concerned. I was fine but it leaves a bit of a bad taste in your mouth. A kind of will it or won't it happen again? Oh well, it is dangerous business going out your door after all.

On a lighter note everything for the wedding seems to be coming together. That huge monkey that has been on my back (aka sewing the dress) has finally been lifted. Thank the heavens!! I had a tall glass of celebratory wine while I revelled in netflix (The Bletchley Circle, X-files, and Sherlock... again) and not having to do anything for the rest of the day! It turned out good. The nitty-gritty isn't perfect. There's a wonky part to my hem and such but no one is going to notice that. One part on the back is slightly uneven but I was passed the point of caring and with my hair being down it will cover that whole area anyway. If I had to take the seam-ripper out one more time for a mistake I may have just kept ripping. Did I mention I was happy to be done?? ;)

Well before this turns into more of a block of typed ramblings from me I will stop. I think I will take the rest of the month off. Enjoy the last bit of wedding coordination and, of course, the actual day without the added pressure of finding time for this narrative. Before I know it it will all be over and I certainly want to live in the moment right now.

-I'll be back in August to bore everyone with the details! Haha

This photo is from my phone the other morning. Some wild clouds were rolling in while the sun rose behind them.


Sunwapta Falls

These photos got lost in the shuffle last year and never got posted. This is Sunwapta Falls in Jasper National Park. It was a stretching stop for us on our journey down to Banff and it was teeming with people also using it as a stretching stop! We went on a short 30 min hike down to the lower falls area and that was considerably less busy. It was a pretty warm day so the spray of the falls was a great cool down. We were actually planning on hiking around these ice caves but a mudslide had knocked out the road to get there so we had to forgo that adventure. I definitely want to try to go back there again though!

Side note: I guess we have a thing for plaid.


Alberta in Bloom

I spent Sunday wallowing in my own self-pity with a side of heat exhaustion. It was nearly 30C while we planted the garden on Saturday and despite my best efforts (wide brimmed hat, shoulders covered, plenty of water/powerade, and frequent breaks in the shade) I still managed to make myself sick. Have I mentioned I am just not cut out of anything over 20C?? 

I find my lack of heat resilience puts me off of travelling to certain places. If I were to go anywhere like Australia or the Mediterranean it would certainly have to be in the winter season. I once went to Hawaii where I hung out at the beach from about 6am - 10am. Until the sun went back down I had to hide in an air conditioned space. Not going to lie... I probably won't be back there again. Lovely place but pretty expensive to just sit in the hotel room or mall for the majority of the day. I need to steer clear of the equator. My favourite place I've travelled (abroad) to is Scotland. So cold! It took me days to warm up! I loved it. It was like my ideal habitat!

Maybe a tolerance could be built up? Either way I would love some tips on staying cool! How do you guys beat the heat? 


In The Garden: A New Season

We waited about a month later than last year to get our veggies started and I still think it may have been too soon. These photos are from about day 4 after planting. We are currently 3 weeks in now and this weekend we have to release them into the wild because they are growing all over my living room! We bought this little mini greenhouse to try this year and if you want to speed up the growing cycle I would highly suggest it. Within a week and a half our plants had fully outgrown the greenhouse. We had to rig up the lights to hang without the cover over because the plants were so big. They just grew like weeds in there! Our first guaranteed frost-free day in our area is June 5 but fingers crossed the weather stays above freezing once our plants are out in the garden. Hopefully I will remember my camera this weekend when we plant them and take a few photos. I have been so slack at that lately! 

What we planted in our indoor mini greenhouse (32 plant tray):
  • 2 cherry tomatoes
  • 2 beefsteak tomatoes
  • 2 butternut squashes
  • 2 yellow zucchinis
  • 4 cucumbers
  • 4 pumpkins
  • 16 super sweet corns
What will go straight into the garden this weekend:
  • beets
  • carrots
  • potatoes
  • onions (already out there)
What we planted in trays left outside on the balcony:
  • marigolds
  • sweetpeas
  • snapdragons
  • lupins
Indoor Herbs:
  • cilantro
  • basil
  • garlic chives
  • dill
  • herb lavender
  • one lone garlic (that was in a bunch from the grocery store but one clove looked green like it wanted to grow so I popped it in some dirt under the plant lights and it grew nearly 4 inches in 5 days!!)


Wedding Thoughts On: Bridesmaid's Gifts

I have three bridesmaids. Since they have to travel so far I thought I would make a bit of a "Home away from home" theme for the bridesmaid gifts. I wanted to marry useful comforts for travelling with some great items made in Alberta (for the most part). So here's my gift list:

1. Rocky Mountain Soap Company: Made in Canmore (my favourite place in Alberta), these soaps/lotions/lip butters are the best. I use bottles and bottles of their lemon hand soap. Their travel sized kit was perfect for the gift bags. Lip butter is a must for those windy days in Newfoundland! Also a little side note their natural deodorant works miracles. It's the only one that I find actually works. 

2. Wild Prairie Soap: Another soap company I use is the Wild Prairie Soap Co. I mainly use their bar soaps and they are so creamy and beautiful. Bar soap might not be the most practical for travelling but it's so lovely it practically begged me to include it!

3. David's Teas: There's nothing better than a hot cup of your favourite tea while you're travelling. Sometimes it can be difficult to find anything other than a boring Earl Grey so these individually packaged loose tea's seemed like a great addition to their bags. 

4.Tea Ball (also from David's Tea): Obviously, a tea ball is required!

5. Travel Notes: A small notepad and mini pen can be a lifesaver on a trip. It's just damn handy! This one is from Indigo.

6. Hair Elastics: As stated previously, Newfoundland is a windy place! You definitely have to have some of these on hand to keep your sanity. I got a pack of 50 from this Etsy shop.

7. Rock Necklace: I bought these stone necklaces last time we were in Banff at one of the local geology type stores.

8. Leather Fold Over Clutch: Something to put it all in! Also useful for that time you decide to go out somewhere fancy on vacation but you remember all you have packed is a giant purse! These are also from Indigo.

9. Bottle of their favourite wine: Not pictured since I will buy it once we land in Newfoundland. My bridesmaids love wine (who doesn't?!) so I thought a nice bottle of wine to share with their significant other's sometime on the trip. 

I did put a lot of thought into what to include in these. I am so grateful these ladies would travel so far from home just for me. I'm still amazed. Just to note that each bridesmaid has a different colour-theme going on. This is the black theme but there is also red and grey themed bags as well!

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