Be a better photographer: Shutter Speed

Part of my journey to become a better photographer is to teach myself starting with the basics. I learnt about photography almost backwards. Learning to edit before really getting into the actual photo taking. Read through my notes and see my practice shots while I try to become a better photographer.

Shutter Speed:

What is it?
The shutter speed is the length of time that the camera’s shutter is open. It is measured in seconds.

How to set it?
The slower the shutter speed (ie. 10s)  the more light can enter the camera and the brighter your photos will appear. Alternately, the faster the speed (ie. 1/1000s) the less light can enter the camera.

When to adjust it?
Use a slow shutter speed in dark situations (beware that movement at a slow speed will cause blurring. use a tri-pod or a solid surface to avoid this). You can also use a slow shutter when you want blur to occur such as smooth running water; although this will require a tripod as well. Use a faster shutter speed for bright situations or to freeze action shots.

Hopefully this quick overview of shutter speed basics will help you be able to control your DSLR a little bit better.

Here is a few more other helpful sites on Shutter Speed. Here and Here.

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**This is only my conclusion based on my own research and practices. Everyone has their own processes.**

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