Self Portrait Challenge

So I am doing a bit of a different post today. I want to join the girls at A Beautiful Mess on their 30-day Challenge of self-portraits in celebration of their new book launching all about photo ideas.

Now I know what you may be thinking..... especially with the plethora of "selfies" we are inundated with in instagram, twitter, facebook, ect. Self portraits seem to go hand and hand with self-absorbed. I am certainly not against selfies. I am often a culprit of this myself. Sometimes there's just no one around to take your picture... sometimes you don't feel comfortable with other people taking your picture... and sometimes your hair just looks freakin good and you need to remember this moment because it may never happen again!! Whatever your reasoning is I think there is something to be said for capturing a little moment in your life that no one else could get. I know when I am in front of the camera I tend to do the same pose with the same smile because that's what my fail-safe is. It's that "classic" picture. When I am behind the camera I am yelling at whomever to run around, jump, do a serious face, look up, twirl and so on... yet stick me on that subject side and I feel weird doing all that same stuff! My shy (no pun intended) tendencies leave me with pretty much 1000 of the same pictures of me in different backgrounds. I have been challenging myself this whole year to be more comfortable in front of the camera and to not feel weird doing all those things that make an interesting and REAL photo. I love my photography and editing but I also want some memories of me in there as well. I don't write a journal and I don't scrapbook so I feel like a self-portrait every now and then gives me the creative control over how I capture my feelings in a moment. Whether it be setting up a tripod and capturing me in front of an expansive mountain or just a quick snap of my toes in the ocean. These photos bring me back to that place and I look at them and all my memories come a'flooding. You can smell the mountain air again or feel the cool ocean on your toes. Sometimes only you can capture that moment best and that feeling is why this photo challenge really resonates with me!

I know this is going to be a busy month for me but I am going to try and get some self-portraits up here. The top one I took quite awhile ago but it's one of my favorites... I just woke up on a spring morning by myself and had absolutely nothing to do all day... That's it. That's the moment in this photo but it's my moment!

Check out the hashtag #ABeatuifulMess to see other peoples portraits. Leave a comment if you are joining in too!

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  1. beautiful self portrait, i like how you chose to edit it in black and white. it's true that sometimes there isn't anyone to take a picture! I find that happens a lot if you're the person who is the one always taking pictures.

    I followed a self portrait challenge once, (i think it was through digital photography school site) and people were so creative, most of them looked very artistic rather than the stereotypical selfie in the mirror shot!

    Em K

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