Photo Idols: Sincerely, Kinsey

I’m always looking for inspiration. Each month I will choose a photographer who really makes me want to be a better photographer.

If you are into the style of photography that I am, I am sure you will have heard of the blog Sincerely, Kinsey. She and her husband are a pair of very talented photographers based in the Midwest. I stumbled upon her site from the well-known lifestyle blog A Beautiful Mess (where she contributes DIY features). I find Sincerely, Kinsey so inspiring because the photos are so balanced. Not too serious, not too silly, yet full of emotion. Her lighting is always great and it always seems like you’re getting a glimpse into a secret moment. Like her subjects don’t even know she’s there. She’s also a vsco user, which is my editing medium of choice... does that make me bias?... Kinsey really is living my dream job and I find so much inspiration in her photography so make sure you visit her blog not only for beautiful pictures but also for her great DIY’s, and wonderful style. Here is her instagram! Now enough talking...

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  1. I agree, her work is so inspiring! I always look forward to her blog updates. And thanks for including the instagram link, someone new to follow :)


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