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July is one of the busiest months I have had in a long time. We are heading out on some travels across Alberta and then of course over to Newfoundland. Here is a quick look at the places we are going to hit throughout the month. Come August this place will be flooded with pictures!

Frank Slide, Alberta

In the heart of the Crowsnest Pass is Turtle Mountain and the town of Frank. In the wee hours of the morning in 1903 90 million tons of limestone slid down Turtle Mountain in just under 2 min at 112 km/h. The huge rocks (some the size of houses) covered the railway, sealed off the men trapped in the mine, and completely destroyed part of the town on Frank. Multiple factors lead to the landslide, which is one of the largest and deadliest in Canadian history. General unstable rock formation, coal mine operations, and a wet winter with a cold snap the night of the slide all are blamed for the disaster. What was left was a huge swath of boulders strewn over an area of 3 sq.km with an average of 15m deep. Some spots are up to 45m deep! We are heading down south for a wedding and this will be our first stop pre-wedding. I have driven through it numerous times on my way to the states but David has never been. He loves his geology (calls himself a genuine prospector) so I thought this would be a great place to visit while we are down there.
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Porcupine Hills, Alberta

As I mentioned I am a bridesmaid in my cousins wedding which is being held in the Porcupine Hills of Alberta. I spent many summers down here with her when we were little so it will be fun to re-visit and take some great pictures of this landscape.
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Waterton, Alberta

Since the wedding is only a half an hour or so from Waterton we had to make a a quick stop there again before heading home. Waterton is a great national park bordering on Montana. Last time we did some great hikes and canoe trips. The town is so small that it seems less touristy than Banff or Jasper. Too bad its so far from Edmonton!
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Fogo Island, Newfoundland

A few days after we get home from Southern Alberta we are off again and this time waaaaaaaaay over to Newfoundland to visit David's family. This time I hope we have a better travelling time then our last trip. It took us 4 days and 6 cities despite originally having one 8 hour plane ride... Still annoyed at that clearly. Anyway! Now obviously we arn't spending all our time at Fogo but after all my trips to Newfoundland, I have yet to hop the ferry over. The island has these amazing artist studios designed by Architect Todd Saunders, who hails from Newfoundland. I am usually not a fan of such modern architecture but the contrast with the huge open ocean and the desolate landscape really, really intrigue me. Artists from around the world come to stay in the studios on retreats for months at a time. How can I get in on that?!! Here is an interview with the Todd Saunders.
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