Sleepy Cove, Newfoundland

This was one of the first walks we went on when we got to Twilllingate. This is up on Long Point I believe. There are so many "points" I may be mistaken. I know for a fact this is called Sleepy Cove though! It may look a little cloudy but let me tell you it was so hot and humid. I don't know what I was thinking wearing jeans. If I had a pair of scissors they would have definitely been made into shorts immediately. I didn't know what to expect from summer in Newfoundland but seriously, it was like a tropical island. I am not a fan of heat and I was sweating from a standstill. The humidity does do wonders for my hair though. At least before the wind gets to it which (as you can tell by the last picture) makes my hair violent.


Be A Better Photographer: Signature Pose

Today I am going to talk about having a "signature pose". I'm not talking about the same stiff smile in front of every landmark you come across. I'm talking about an interesting position you can translate into your sets of photos that you can make a theme out of. Maybe it's the same silly face you pull, an embrace with your significant other, or the reflection in your boyfriends sunglasses that he always wears (that one might be one of ours ...)Whatever it may be, a signature pose can add continuity to your photos. It may seem a little insignificant at first but once you've built up a collection it can make for a really great themed album.

Whenever David and I travel anywhere we always take our signature "looking out" pose, among others. Our holding hands, back to the camera, looking into the future pose. I'm starting to build up enough of a collection where I can gather all the places we have looked out upon into one tidy display. I haven't decided what that display will be yet though. I may make a photo collage for our wall, slice them all together for one poster sized photo or finally have an excuse to get into that whole Project Life thing that well... life has been getting in the way of!

Hope you enjoy our little collection we have started. And send me a link with your collections!


Highway Pit Stop, Alberta

I believe this was some sort of plant that was used to process coal mined out of the mountains. I couldn't quite tell as half of the plaques with the info were missing? Either way, it made a great pit stop on the way back to the hotel.


A Beautiful Mess - Self Portrait Challenge #3 (and housekeeping)

The new book from the girls at A Beautiful Mess came out today and while I have yet to actually grab it, I figured I will post my last self portrait for their their 30-day Challenge . So 3 self-portraits in 30 days.... I'm slack. I know. It was a really busy summer so far! Excuses, Excuses.

Since we've been back from all our July trips (still working on editing all my new photo sets) we have been tending to our garden, building a greenhouse, and brainstorming a clothing line. Say what!? A clothing line?! Before the masses (there are masses of you reading this right?... right?) get too excited, I just decided to challenge myself to sew a new fall wardrobe instead of buying a new fall wardrobe. I recently purged about all of my clothes but I am way to cheap to invest in too many new things for fall so last Friday I hopped over to the Fabricland sale section and bought 30 meters of fabric for $60. This should be enough for 3 dresses, 2 skirts, 3 shirts, and a scarf if I play my cards right. Heck, I might even go wild and throw in a tote!

I mostly have my usual photo sets from our travels up on the blog but would anyone be interested in following my sewing challenge? I may post some stuff on here about it whether you like it or not... mwahaha ;)


Cape Spear, Newfoundland Pt. 2

This is the old lighthouse built in 1836. I especially liked the interior and could see myself being a lighthouse keeper.... ah a girl can dream. 


Cape Spear Pt. 1, Newfoundland

This is from our first stop when we got to Newfoundland. We travelled over to Cape Spear to see the most easterly point of North America. I broke this photo set down into three. This one captures the area around Cape Spear and the current working lighthouse. I have another post on the military aspect of Cape Spear AND one more on the lighthouse built in 1836!
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