Sleepy Cove, Newfoundland

This was one of the first walks we went on when we got to Twilllingate. This is up on Long Point I believe. There are so many "points" I may be mistaken. I know for a fact this is called Sleepy Cove though! It may look a little cloudy but let me tell you it was so hot and humid. I don't know what I was thinking wearing jeans. If I had a pair of scissors they would have definitely been made into shorts immediately. I didn't know what to expect from summer in Newfoundland but seriously, it was like a tropical island. I am not a fan of heat and I was sweating from a standstill. The humidity does do wonders for my hair though. At least before the wind gets to it which (as you can tell by the last picture) makes my hair violent.


  1. These are such stunning photos, god Canada is beautiful!! Martin and I have been going on a ton of a day trips and taking lots of photos lately. I swear, I could do it all day long. So much fun!!

    By The Shore

    1. Hello! So nice to hear from you. I have been following along your new blog and its lovely to see the other side of the coast! Canada really is beautiful. I just wish everything wasn't so far from Alberta. By the way, I won your giveaway from Chelsea at Tea Talk... I was pretty excited! haha

  2. Beautiful photos! I love the one with the flowers and the last one is funny. Your hair is slapping his face, ha ha!

    ♥, Brittney @ True Vintage Love


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