Alberta in Autumn

I finally dug out the camera again after nearly a 2 month unplanned hiatus to catch a glimpse of autumn before it turns to that nasty winter (we've probably only got a week left here in Edmonton... eye roll, I wish I was joking). May-July was so camera happy that once things settled down I wanted to just be and enjoy the rest of summer and not worry about getting photos of everything! August and Sept were spent gardening and building our greenhouse for next year. October will be canning and sewing. November will be (fingers crossed) opening an Etsy shop. Is it just me or has this year flown by? Please slow down!

^ 6 acres and they both want the same spot to sit...


French Cove, Newfoundland

Everyone it getting all pumped up for autumn and I'm still posting photos from summer. When you have a blog and only get to go on big trips a few times a year you make it last! This was a lovely little cove we took a walk down to. The dog chased some partridges, I dipped my toes in the (freezing) water, and we basked in the sunshine for awhile. I certainly was not ready for Newfoundland the tropical island! The humidity shocked this prairie girl.



A Little Friend

I made a little friend while I was on top of Bears Hump. We shared a muffin. It was pretty special until he tried to climb my leg. Despite my love for all animals, it was too soon for us. We had just met!


Waterton, Alberta

These pictures are from July. It was such a busy month I am just now sorting through everything. I was in a wedding down in southern Alberta and the day after we decided to go hike around Waterton. We decided to climb up "Bear's Hump" to take a nice view in. I only took us about an hour to climb up the trail which is a mix of path and steps. It took other people much less time but I am somewhat of a mosy-er and David is always sizing up rocks. I even saw one girl run up to the top and passed us again on the way down in like 15 minutes tops. Thats ridiculous. Anyway the view was stunning and the mountain air was so refreshing on this hot day. In the picture above once you get half way down the lake you enter Montana. 


Squish Studio, Fogo Island, Newfoundland

Fogo Island is about a 6 hour drive and a 45 minute ferry ride from the capital city of St. John’s. I don’t think I have been anywhere as calm, quiet, and relaxed. It only has 6 small communities! The major attraction to Fogo for me are these little artist studios designed by Todd Saunders that dot the seaside. They seem so sleek and modern in a place that embraces a more simple, traditional lifestyle. I think the locals are split on these little building though. Artists of all kinds will come to stay in them and let the creative juices flow with no distractions. This one in particular was called Squish Studio. I will say the ferry stressed me out on the way back. We went an hour early as it was first come first serve, only to find a HUGE! line up. We didn't want to spend the night on Fogo so we decided to wait it out and hope we made it on. Three hours later we were still waiting for that ferry! Four hours of sitting in a car doing nothing is rough. Finally the ferry came and we were the second last car to fit on!! Thank god!! Other than that damper on our evening plans on the mainland Fogo was great! I wont go into details but we have the worst luck travelling. One time an 8 hour flight turned into 5 days and 5 cities.... 5 days of our vacation gone. Westjet is the sole reason I have flight anxiety. I'm done complaining now. Promise.



As I was creating my last post I uploaded this photo and it reminded me of the theme for the monthly Rock The Shot ( www.rocktheshotforum.com ) challenge.  The theme for September is laughter. I even remember why he was laughing. The wind tried to blow his hat off thus moving around "Hair No. 32" which would cause a frenzy of putting all the numbered hairs back in place. Man-hair is serious business.

If you want to join the contest heres a link!


Evening Walk

A little summer evening wander around Twillingate. Makes me yearn for a more simple lifestyle. 



VSCO Grids are kind of old news now in the fast-paced internet world but I'm a slow paced gal. I some how managed to get a grid up on the go pretty quick after the launch in June and have been having some fun browsing through the VSCO groups curated collection for far too long. I really enjoy the no competition atmosphere it has as you can't "like" photos or follow people but I also find that a bit of a downfall. Not really the "liking" part but the not people able to follow part. I can easily forget a name of someone during a quick browse that I intend to find on instagram or see if they have a blog but don't get to it fast enough and then the photo is pushed down the list into oblivion. I would love to be able to follow my favourite VSCO feeds even if it's hidden. No one needs to know! Other than that little pitfall it is a simple collection of all things beautiful. You can take a peak at mine here and I have also included my personal favorites so far: Jared Chambers, Cory Staudacher, Melissa Green, and Andrew Edwards. (respectively).


Prairie Meets Mountians, Alberta

Sometimes when you're on a road trip. You need to stop and just run around. Especially if it's the golden hour. Then you also set up your tripod and camera while you run around. I know once September hits in the blog world people go crazy with Autumn colours, layering, boots (actually that didn't seem to stop for summer this year) but I can assure you I am excited for Fall solely for the temps to go down. I am not a hot weather kind of gal and this summer has been killing me!! Hooray for Fall!

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