Alberta in Autumn

I finally dug out the camera again after nearly a 2 month unplanned hiatus to catch a glimpse of autumn before it turns to that nasty winter (we've probably only got a week left here in Edmonton... eye roll, I wish I was joking). May-July was so camera happy that once things settled down I wanted to just be and enjoy the rest of summer and not worry about getting photos of everything! August and Sept were spent gardening and building our greenhouse for next year. October will be canning and sewing. November will be (fingers crossed) opening an Etsy shop. Is it just me or has this year flown by? Please slow down!

^ 6 acres and they both want the same spot to sit...


  1. These photographs are stunning - I'm in absolute awe.

  2. as always, beautiful photos! I'm really not looking forward to winter... and yay etsy shop! I'm on etsy too and love it. Can't wait to see yours up and running!

  3. the year seriously has flown by! i want to press a pause button or something!

  4. beautiful! I love autumn in Canada :)
    just found your blog and love it! new follower ;)


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