Squish Studio, Fogo Island, Newfoundland

Fogo Island is about a 6 hour drive and a 45 minute ferry ride from the capital city of St. John’s. I don’t think I have been anywhere as calm, quiet, and relaxed. It only has 6 small communities! The major attraction to Fogo for me are these little artist studios designed by Todd Saunders that dot the seaside. They seem so sleek and modern in a place that embraces a more simple, traditional lifestyle. I think the locals are split on these little building though. Artists of all kinds will come to stay in them and let the creative juices flow with no distractions. This one in particular was called Squish Studio. I will say the ferry stressed me out on the way back. We went an hour early as it was first come first serve, only to find a HUGE! line up. We didn't want to spend the night on Fogo so we decided to wait it out and hope we made it on. Three hours later we were still waiting for that ferry! Four hours of sitting in a car doing nothing is rough. Finally the ferry came and we were the second last car to fit on!! Thank god!! Other than that damper on our evening plans on the mainland Fogo was great! I wont go into details but we have the worst luck travelling. One time an 8 hour flight turned into 5 days and 5 cities.... 5 days of our vacation gone. Westjet is the sole reason I have flight anxiety. I'm done complaining now. Promise.


  1. i am captivated by the beauty you capture in your lens!

  2. oh these pictures are beautiful! makes me dream of sleepy little towns

  3. what a beautiful beautiful place. would love to go one of these days~


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