VSCO Grids are kind of old news now in the fast-paced internet world but I'm a slow paced gal. I some how managed to get a grid up on the go pretty quick after the launch in June and have been having some fun browsing through the VSCO groups curated collection for far too long. I really enjoy the no competition atmosphere it has as you can't "like" photos or follow people but I also find that a bit of a downfall. Not really the "liking" part but the not people able to follow part. I can easily forget a name of someone during a quick browse that I intend to find on instagram or see if they have a blog but don't get to it fast enough and then the photo is pushed down the list into oblivion. I would love to be able to follow my favourite VSCO feeds even if it's hidden. No one needs to know! Other than that little pitfall it is a simple collection of all things beautiful. You can take a peak at mine here and I have also included my personal favorites so far: Jared Chambers, Cory Staudacher, Melissa Green, and Andrew Edwards. (respectively).

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