Waterton, Alberta

These pictures are from July. It was such a busy month I am just now sorting through everything. I was in a wedding down in southern Alberta and the day after we decided to go hike around Waterton. We decided to climb up "Bear's Hump" to take a nice view in. I only took us about an hour to climb up the trail which is a mix of path and steps. It took other people much less time but I am somewhat of a mosy-er and David is always sizing up rocks. I even saw one girl run up to the top and passed us again on the way down in like 15 minutes tops. Thats ridiculous. Anyway the view was stunning and the mountain air was so refreshing on this hot day. In the picture above once you get half way down the lake you enter Montana. 


  1. the views are stunning. my husband and i have been wanting to go somewhere like this.. with the mountains and greens and water. hopefully soon!

  2. oh Shy, i could die of your amazing photos. the view is so stunning. make me wish i could just jump on a plane to Canada right now!


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