Fort Cape Spear, Newfoundland

I am throwing back this Thursday (that's what today is all about right?) all the way to July. Back to Newfoundland and back to Cape Spear. I've posted on it twice now because if you love lighthouses, beautiful ocean views, and a great hiking path system then this place is for you. This third post is about the wartime history Fort Cape Spear also holds!

These are some underground bunkers connected with tunnels made to blend right in to the land from the ocean. Because it is located at the most easterly point of North America the fort was a strategic location during WWII. It was built in 1940 to protect St. John's Harbour from any attacks and houses two "disappearing" guns that would be lowered behind a wall covered with grass so they couldn't be seen by oncoming ships.

The guns were actually re-located from Fort Mott in New Jersey when the American War Department deemed them no longer required and the Canadian Government was authorized to relocate them. The carriages that lifted and moved the guns have been dismantled. 

While guns and wars are not my favourite part of history, it is still pretty interesting to visit these historic sites plus the location can't be beat!

In the below photo David is crying because he missed his beloved rocks so much...then he is happy to be home again. So many emotions...


Etsy Shop: The Ocean Plains


I am excited to announce that I have opened up an Etsy shop! It is called The Ocean Plains and will carry handmade accessories. There isn't a huge inventory there yet but I will be adding to it as we go. Right now you can get some jewellery and headbands but soon I would like to get going on some circle scarves and bags as well! I have the material, I just need to find the time! All sewing items are made by me and the jewellery is made by my mom. At first it was just going to be my sewing items but then my mom caught wind and has been wanting to get more into her "beading" as she calls it. She has a serious bead room. So pop on over to the shop and take a look around!


Tower Studio, Fogo Island

Here is another of the studios that dot Fogo Island. I enjoyed the walk to this one the best as it was directly over a bog and had a nice wooden path built. once I have a house with a yard and all that fancy stuff, I may do a rustic built up path over a mossy rock garden like this. I think it would be way more interesting than a boring old sideway! On a side note when we walked up to this studio the blinds were pulled shut and the music was blaring. Definitely felt like I was invading someones privacy so we didn't stay too long. Did you miss my last Fogo Studio post? Catch it here.


Rundle Park, Alberta

Well I finally tried it. I tried actually taking photos of other people. I was definitely out of my comfort zone and pretty much gave no direction because even though I know these people I am so painfully not good at being bossy. Maybe I'm just not confident enough yet. So we ended up with kind of the same look in each photo. These bright and cheerful edits are what they wanted. This is not exactly how I would envision a photo shoot but they were happy with the outcome and I was happy for the practice (It was in exchange for Thanksgiving dinner. I work directly for food). This was a huge learning experience for me and a great way to try to improve my photography skills by getting out of my happy little comfortable bubble.

Things I need to improve on:

-Shoot manual: Get over your fear of not having any shots because you messed up in manual.
-Give direction: People aren't mind readers and are just as awkward in front of the camera as I am behind it.
-Try to get more candid shots.
-Overall just be more confident!



Whale Watching, Newfoundland

This was the first summer I had spent time in Newfoundland and really wanted to get a glimpse of some whales. The weeks before we arrived killer whales had made their way into the harbours following fish. While I would really like to see an orca someday they tend to scare away all the other types of whales so it was bittersweet that they had left the area before we could get out in a boat. At least while they had left all the others returned. We didn't get to see any humpback theatrics on this occasion (some of the other tours did) but we did manage to get a glimpse of the huge fin whale (up to 90 ft long!) and the smaller minke whale (up to 35 ft long). It was amazing to see whales for the first time but they were a lot quicker than my camera and can seriously hold their breath for far too long! None the less it was still great to knock off an item from the ol' bucket list.

Fin Whale - good size comparison with the boat behind him. 

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