Photo Idol: Annette Pehrsson

I’m always looking for inspiration. Each month I will choose a photographer who really makes me want to be a better photographer.

If you haven' checked out Sweden's Annette Pehrsson then you can thank me later ;) I'm sure you have all noticed I am completely inspired by the simple beauty in the world and this is what I strive to capture in my photos. Part of my learning experience is to really slow down and look at subjects for what they are. This is something that Annette is masterful at. She uses mostly film/Polaroid cameras (You can dive more into her camera equipment here) and boy can she ever capture everyday items and totally transport you into a different world.  Honestly my writing is nowhere nearly as moving as her photos so without further ado.....

blog: http://blog.annettepehrsson.se/
instagram (for daily snaps): annettepehrsson

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  1. Indeed, such beautiful work. I love the tranquil and haunting mood of her images!! Thank you for the intro... I'm definitley smitten!

    By The Shore


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