Rundle Park, Alberta

Well I finally tried it. I tried actually taking photos of other people. I was definitely out of my comfort zone and pretty much gave no direction because even though I know these people I am so painfully not good at being bossy. Maybe I'm just not confident enough yet. So we ended up with kind of the same look in each photo. These bright and cheerful edits are what they wanted. This is not exactly how I would envision a photo shoot but they were happy with the outcome and I was happy for the practice (It was in exchange for Thanksgiving dinner. I work directly for food). This was a huge learning experience for me and a great way to try to improve my photography skills by getting out of my happy little comfortable bubble.

Things I need to improve on:

-Shoot manual: Get over your fear of not having any shots because you messed up in manual.
-Give direction: People aren't mind readers and are just as awkward in front of the camera as I am behind it.
-Try to get more candid shots.
-Overall just be more confident!


  1. whoop for getting out of comfort zones! you go :) these look great! I've actually had the opposite comfort zone problems as you, for the first few years of picking up my camera, I only shot people, and hated taking any object centered, or worse, product photos. Now that I've become a blogger and an etsy seller, that's obviously had to change a lot. I can't say I'm stellar at taking product photos, but getting out of that comfort zone has felt good :)

  2. OH my goodness. These photographs are absolutely stunning - what darling little ones :)

  3. they are lovely pictures ! always good to challenge yourself, and you succeeded !


  4. these photos will be so special to you, especially as you grow as a photographer.
    Being able to look back and compare your photos in a "now & than" type of way is so much fun and rather amusing most times.

    Your blog and photos are lovely.

    Love from one Canadian to another




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