Tower Studio, Fogo Island

Here is another of the studios that dot Fogo Island. I enjoyed the walk to this one the best as it was directly over a bog and had a nice wooden path built. once I have a house with a yard and all that fancy stuff, I may do a rustic built up path over a mossy rock garden like this. I think it would be way more interesting than a boring old sideway! On a side note when we walked up to this studio the blinds were pulled shut and the music was blaring. Definitely felt like I was invading someones privacy so we didn't stay too long. Did you miss my last Fogo Studio post? Catch it here.


  1. Hey girl,
    Me again.

    Just wanted to let you know that I lust over your Newfie photos on an almost daily basis.
    After living in St. John's for about a year, working as a writer, the east coast became a second home to me.

    So just know that you have one big fan over this way!

    1. I would love to move to Newfoundland! I find it so peaceful and happy. Hopefully we will move that way soon!

  2. Ok that building is awesome! I love exploring like this

  3. Wow! This place looks amazing!! Your photos are just stunning, Shy! I so look forward to more!

  4. This place looks so dreamy! Love the architecture and it's location! And such beautiful photographs all throughout your blogs. So happy to have stumbled across it today :)
    xo TJ



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