Whale Watching, Newfoundland

This was the first summer I had spent time in Newfoundland and really wanted to get a glimpse of some whales. The weeks before we arrived killer whales had made their way into the harbours following fish. While I would really like to see an orca someday they tend to scare away all the other types of whales so it was bittersweet that they had left the area before we could get out in a boat. At least while they had left all the others returned. We didn't get to see any humpback theatrics on this occasion (some of the other tours did) but we did manage to get a glimpse of the huge fin whale (up to 90 ft long!) and the smaller minke whale (up to 35 ft long). It was amazing to see whales for the first time but they were a lot quicker than my camera and can seriously hold their breath for far too long! None the less it was still great to knock off an item from the ol' bucket list.

Fin Whale - good size comparison with the boat behind him. 


  1. Oh my gosh!! Whale watching is my dream. Probably the only dream I have.

    These photos are incredible (as always..you are just too good) and I am insanely jealous but also happy you had to experience this:)


  2. whale watching has been on my "to do" list for a while, this looks so awesome!! glad you got to experience it :)

  3. Wow, such an inspirational photos! I`m in love :)

  4. these are absolutely fantastic -- what a gorgeous province. i love being able to travel thru your lens!

  5. My dad grew up in Newfoundland, so I've always wanted to go! It looks like a beautiful place :)


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