Canmore, Alberta (winter blues)

It's that time of the year when you have so much to do and yet don't feel like doing any of it! Hibernation has hit for me and Dec - March is a bit tricky photo-wise. It's freezing and snowy (and I don't mean a skiff of snow and 0... I mean Canadian Cold). I don't like to drive too far because you never know when bad road conditions are going to hit which means I am pretty much confined to taking pictures in my apartment which is not very scenic. I was even contemplating putting up some photos of how I made a 5' wall with 1' depth into a sewing area. I figured that didn't really go with my blogs theme but if I am scrounging for photos sometime it might just come out! 

We arn't travelling anywhere this winter do to tight budgets and (quite frankly) still suffering from the traumatization of last Christmas' travelling so other than my trips to the country to visit the mother it might be thowbacks to old travels around here till the hibernation ends.

Case in point: these photos from a 2011 trip to Canmore. 


Sturgeon County, Alberta

This was our 'yard' growing up. Not exactly our land but we were surrounded by farmers fields. Ever since we were little the dogs were basically our babysitters while we ran around the trees and fields. These two came after our need for childhood babysitters. None the less they make good use of the yard. Keko (top doggie) like to dig mole holes and this includes eating some dirt... egh. Poor old Ninny (2nd doggie) isn't one to dig much but still feels the need to get involved by insisting to sit directly behind Keko while he digs. This leads to her face looking much like his but not for the same reasons.


Instagram Round-Up

With the shitty weather going on lately, I have been hibernating so I thought I would pick a few of my favourite instagrams to share on here. Clearly, I need to plan another trip to Newfoundland soon because most of my favourites are from there. In case anyone wants to follow along : @shysnarrative


Edmonton, Alberta

On Friday night we had an excellent dump of snow (sarcasm). Since we didn't want to drive anywhere in that on Saturday we decided to go for a nature walk. Not much to see really. I have to get my snow legs back in shape. After an hour the hips were burning!

Note: Hood + Glasses + Cold = Fog. I had to clip them the glasses to me and hope my camera was focusing on the right thing...


Long Studio, Fogo Island, Newfoundland

It's snowing here again and while most people find that cute and festive, Edmontonians do not. So I am posting on Fogo Island Studios again. I may have one more and then I promise no more Fogo. I did wish I brought an outfit change so I could pretend we didn't cruise through the entire island in one day. 

My hair takes on a whole new dimension in Newfoundland. It's fairly big in my natural habitat of dry Edmonton so when it is introduced to more moist salt air then it's ever known, it goes a bit wild. I always wear my hair down because... well it's freakin heavy and if it's up too long I get a headache and when I have a headache I get irritable and nobody wants to hang out with that. Long story short the last picture is another reason why I don't wear my hair up... I suddenly grow another head.

Check out Squish Studio and Tower Studio



Prince Of Wales Hotel, Alberta

You can't go to Waterton without stopping to gaze at the Prince of Wales Hotel and its perfect vantage point. It was built by the Great Northern Railway in 1927 and still boosts a cozy chalet aesthetic. We have never actually stayed in the hotel but it hosts British Tea from 2-5 pm daily and we went up for drinks and deserts as well once. It really has an amazing view!


Nature, Alberta

I peeked out of my window yesterday to find a giant pile of snow over everything. I promptly shut the curtains and went back to bed. We are doing better than last year (snow had arrived early October) but it's still depressing. When I finally got up David and I had a bake off where I made banana bread and he made Oreo truffles while keeping the curtains closed of course. Ignorance is bliss right? 

I also edited some photos of sunnier days past AND I started on a little e-book/travel guide I've been wanting to make for Alberta and Newfoundland! I guess snowy days aren't all bad....


Be A Better Photographer: Choosing A Lens

I have a Nikon D3100. It's a few years old and even at the time was the base model as far as Nikon DSLR's go. I spent $750 on it and am still annoyed that only a couple years later I could get a much better camera for that amount. Damn technology. My perpetual cheapness has taken control and there is just no way I will let myself spend that much on another camera so I am determined to make the most out of it. Currently, most of my photos you see on here are taken with the 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 base kit lens (don't judge!). I also have a 55-200mm f/4-5.6 lens as it was an affordable choice for David to take bird photos. Now I am looking to upgrade to a better general use lens. I am debating over two lenses at the moment: the 35mm f/1.8G AF-S DX and the 50mm f/1.8G AF-S. Both are $219 on Amazon. I really wanted to go for the 50mm but then I saw this post from Carrie and it kinda swayed me a bit. On one hand I do want to keep improving my camera gear as new technology comes out. On the other hand I don't know when my next camera body purchase will be and would it be a waste to have a lens that can't fulfill it potential with my current camera body? First world problems over here.

Any advice or experiences would be greatly appreciated!


Photo Idol: Brooke Holm

I’m always looking for inspiration. Each month I will choose a photographer who really makes me want to be a better photographer.

It was honestly SO hard to narrow this post down to only a few photos. I could browse through Brooke Holm's blog like a full time job! I am a sucker for beautiful landscapes/nature and while that is all I featured on here today, that's not all she offers! Products, Food, Interiors... you name it Brooke does it. And to say she does it well is an understatement.

I love stumbling across great photographers from beautiful places I have yet to see. Brooke hails from Melbourne, Australia and travels the surrounding area bringing back beautiful photos from the likes of New Zealand and Tasmania. If you are lucky enough to reside more southerly than I Brooke also teaches a photography class with The School. The next classes are in Auckland on November 4th and Melbourne on November 23rd. More info here. I need to go find some cheap flights now. Enjoy!


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