Be A Better Photographer: Choosing A Lens

I have a Nikon D3100. It's a few years old and even at the time was the base model as far as Nikon DSLR's go. I spent $750 on it and am still annoyed that only a couple years later I could get a much better camera for that amount. Damn technology. My perpetual cheapness has taken control and there is just no way I will let myself spend that much on another camera so I am determined to make the most out of it. Currently, most of my photos you see on here are taken with the 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 base kit lens (don't judge!). I also have a 55-200mm f/4-5.6 lens as it was an affordable choice for David to take bird photos. Now I am looking to upgrade to a better general use lens. I am debating over two lenses at the moment: the 35mm f/1.8G AF-S DX and the 50mm f/1.8G AF-S. Both are $219 on Amazon. I really wanted to go for the 50mm but then I saw this post from Carrie and it kinda swayed me a bit. On one hand I do want to keep improving my camera gear as new technology comes out. On the other hand I don't know when my next camera body purchase will be and would it be a waste to have a lens that can't fulfill it potential with my current camera body? First world problems over here.

Any advice or experiences would be greatly appreciated!


  1. fully agree with you about how annoyng it is that camera technology moves so fast! I've been pretty stubborn about not updating my camera body hahah. I've had my d80 (first body) for 6 years now. I really hope to get as much use as possible out of it. I personally feel that while it's true that having an old body poses some limitations, the lens really makes the most difference. I got the lens on the left a few months back, LOVE it! it's basically permanently on the body right now.

  2. I know isn't it annoying! I bought the ipad about 2 months ago and the only reason I did buy it then was b/c I had a $90 credit at BB that had to be used by the middle of September and a month later the air version comes out. VERY ANNOYING. I went to Lucky FABB and Adam Katz Sinding spoke and he recommended prime lenses. K, I sorta do not even know what that means. : O

    Allie of Dressing Ken

  3. I feel your pain, girl! But an advice for the lenses; seeing that your camera is a cropped sensor camera (as in, not a full frame camera), I say go with the 35mm because as amazing as the 50mm might be, its actually around 85mm on a cropped camera. So using a 30mm or 35mm on a cropped sensor camera will be equivalent to a 50mm on a full frame camera. I have a 50mm on a cropped camera(I own a Canon), and though I like it, I wish someone had told me about the comparison. Its a bit confusing, I know!


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