Canmore, Alberta (winter blues)

It's that time of the year when you have so much to do and yet don't feel like doing any of it! Hibernation has hit for me and Dec - March is a bit tricky photo-wise. It's freezing and snowy (and I don't mean a skiff of snow and 0... I mean Canadian Cold). I don't like to drive too far because you never know when bad road conditions are going to hit which means I am pretty much confined to taking pictures in my apartment which is not very scenic. I was even contemplating putting up some photos of how I made a 5' wall with 1' depth into a sewing area. I figured that didn't really go with my blogs theme but if I am scrounging for photos sometime it might just come out! 

We arn't travelling anywhere this winter do to tight budgets and (quite frankly) still suffering from the traumatization of last Christmas' travelling so other than my trips to the country to visit the mother it might be thowbacks to old travels around here till the hibernation ends.

Case in point: these photos from a 2011 trip to Canmore. 


  1. sometimes it's irony when here i am in the other side world hoping for colder weather, and yet in the other part of the world, it's been too cold. ha.

  2. oooh! Lovely photos from the past!

  3. It's always fun to look back on trips anyway :). These are awesome!

  4. your pictures are making me want to go back to Alberta and visit (my sister lives there). these are great, it must have been tricky to get such clear photos of these guys.


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