Long Studio, Fogo Island, Newfoundland

It's snowing here again and while most people find that cute and festive, Edmontonians do not. So I am posting on Fogo Island Studios again. I may have one more and then I promise no more Fogo. I did wish I brought an outfit change so I could pretend we didn't cruise through the entire island in one day. 

My hair takes on a whole new dimension in Newfoundland. It's fairly big in my natural habitat of dry Edmonton so when it is introduced to more moist salt air then it's ever known, it goes a bit wild. I always wear my hair down because... well it's freakin heavy and if it's up too long I get a headache and when I have a headache I get irritable and nobody wants to hang out with that. Long story short the last picture is another reason why I don't wear my hair up... I suddenly grow another head.

Check out Squish Studio and Tower Studio


  1. I definitely understand your hair woes! These photos are amazing!

  2. Wow, that place is absolutely stunning!! And the location is just amazing. <3 ...also, I think you're hair is cute!! :)

  3. this place is soooo beautiful!


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