Photo Idol: Brooke Holm

I’m always looking for inspiration. Each month I will choose a photographer who really makes me want to be a better photographer.

It was honestly SO hard to narrow this post down to only a few photos. I could browse through Brooke Holm's blog like a full time job! I am a sucker for beautiful landscapes/nature and while that is all I featured on here today, that's not all she offers! Products, Food, Interiors... you name it Brooke does it. And to say she does it well is an understatement.

I love stumbling across great photographers from beautiful places I have yet to see. Brooke hails from Melbourne, Australia and travels the surrounding area bringing back beautiful photos from the likes of New Zealand and Tasmania. If you are lucky enough to reside more southerly than I Brooke also teaches a photography class with The School. The next classes are in Auckland on November 4th and Melbourne on November 23rd. More info here. I need to go find some cheap flights now. Enjoy!


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