2013: Retrospective

It's the time of the year for recaps. I picked out a few (I'll use that word loosely) of my favourites from the year. I started this blog with no particular direction in mind. Just somewhere to collect and share the few adventures I get to go on when I am not working away. I am hoping for a few lifestyle changes this year. I need to mix it up a bit in 2014! Without further ado...

One of my favourite sets of photos to date. We drove to see the Cape St. Mary's Bird Sanctuary. The fog was so thick we wandered around in the roar of thousands of sea birds without seeing a single one.

This set was from a little stop in Blow Me Down

I never thought I would see the entire ocean frozen and it was so quiet and calm. Imagine living in that little house!

This photo always reminds me of the Wraiths from Lord of the Rings. Speaking of which we saw Hobbit 2 in 3D Imax..... AMAZING.

We had a lovely spring break in Canmore (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7). One of my favourite towns in Alberta.

We also made a little trip down to Drumheller (1, 2). David loves to dig around for Dinosaur bones. Unfortunately the mosquitos were so bad we couldn't look around for too long!

We watched the sunset from a wheat field where the Prairies' meet the Rockies.

I took David to Frank Slide. He is a geology nut and I knew he would love to be able to root around through rocks from the top of a mountain. If you are ever in Southern Alberta, a drive through this area wouldn't go astray! To drive through boulders the size of houses never gets old for me!

We also made a day trip around Waterton on the Canada/US border. We hiked up Bear's Hump and enjoyed the view. Even met a little friend. The cold mountain air felt great in the summer heat.

We made our way to Newfoundland in July and made a quick stop at Cape Spear (1, 2, 3). The most easterly point of North America. I have a few posts from here as there was a lot to see!

We went on a lovely walk around North Twillingate Island

One of the highlights of our summer trip was gong to see Fogo Island (1, 2, 3). It was quite an amazing little island with some great sights. I still haven't posted all the photos from it!

We spent our summer days going from cove to cove around Twillingate.

I also got to see whales for the first time! There were no theatrics or breaching but the shear size was amazing!

After our Newfoundland trip real life got back on the go with harvesting the garden and canning it all up. We built a greenhouse and I had to work and work to pay for our year's adventures. Then the snow came and suddenly it's Christmas! Where did that come from! Happy New Year everyone!


Oh, The Places I've Seen - 2014

 I mentioned that we always try to get a certain pose with the both of us wherever we may travel to here. I also try to get one of myself gazing out yonder. When going through my photos of the year to prepare some "Year of 2013 Posts" I gathered up a few of the places that I have looked upon this year. I can't wait to see what 2014 shows me!


Slightly Festive Decor

I don't tend to decorate festively too much. In our tiny apartment it can be a bit overwhelming with too many decorations going here and there. There is also the problem of storing said decorations for the other 11 months of the year. None the less here are a few glimpses of our kinda Christmasy apartment.

Today I am off from work for  a week and a half. I hope to get some posts ready, take some photos, and relax. I already went to the Costco Liquor store to stock up for my celebration tonight! I LOVE HOLIDAYS!


Rock Formations, Newfoundland

Fun Fact: I sleep with the TV on all night. 

It varies between space documentaries and geology documentaries. It also leads to absolutely no dreams that I can remember. I am convinced my sub conscious is watching TV all night and has no time to make up dreams. Despite me priming my brain with docs all night to watch, I really don't know as much as I should about geology. None the less a boat ride around the north Newfoundland Coast in the summer left me with some beautiful rock formation photos.


Somewhere along the Avalon Peninsula, Newfoundland

There are different types of cold: wet and dry. Personally, I have mostly experienced dry cold. It can be -40 (like this week) and I am pretty comfortable in it. A few extra layers are required but once you get in the house you warm up pretty quick and go about your business. These photos are from last fall around this time along the Avalon Peninsula, Newfoundland. It seemed pretty nice. No snow (which is always a winning point for me in December) but the kind of wet cold that a prairie girl just can't get used to. By all accounts it's not even cold! Above 0 in Alberta is shorts weather but I was left shivering for hours after a sunny walk to the cabin. Wet cold seems to get right into the bones. No amount of blankets or layers can warm you back up. 

In the opposite fashion this wet cold doesn't seem to phase David at all. Meanwhile the slightest dip below zero in the dry cold and he's shivering so hard he pulls muscles (seriously).  


Nostalgic Notes: Outhouses

Does anyone else have a mom on facebook who sends you the weirdest things? Today I logged on to see a picture of an outhouse posted to my wall with a note saying "Shey doesn't like these". So out of the blue? Mom's these days.... 

I don't even mind outhouses! There was one incident when I was really little where I was going about my outhouse business and a bee had gotten in. As a child I was terrified of bees. It landed right on the latch trapping me inside. In little kid time I was trapped in the outhouse for what felt like forever thus making me weary about latching the door from then on in case I needed a quick escape. Leaving it unlatched meant my dog could just mosey in to say hi whenever she wanted... cue my ongoing outhouse dilemma.

This odd tangent may sound like we only had an outhouse at our home in which oddly was the case for a bit. When my parents bought the land we grew up on there was no house: only a barn, a few wooden grain buildings, and an outhouse. Instead of building a house they worked for a year (while we lived in a condo) transforming the barn into a house. Obviously the barn didn't have running water so outhouse he we come! 

The outhouse post this morning brought me back to being a 4 year old stuck in the outhouse terrified of a bug. It also made me think of how much work it must have taken to essentially build a house in a year while working full time jobs with a 12 year old, a 4 year old, and a 2 year old rippin around. Seriously. Good job 'rents! I couldn't have done it! 
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