Nostalgic Notes: Outhouses

Does anyone else have a mom on facebook who sends you the weirdest things? Today I logged on to see a picture of an outhouse posted to my wall with a note saying "Shey doesn't like these". So out of the blue? Mom's these days.... 

I don't even mind outhouses! There was one incident when I was really little where I was going about my outhouse business and a bee had gotten in. As a child I was terrified of bees. It landed right on the latch trapping me inside. In little kid time I was trapped in the outhouse for what felt like forever thus making me weary about latching the door from then on in case I needed a quick escape. Leaving it unlatched meant my dog could just mosey in to say hi whenever she wanted... cue my ongoing outhouse dilemma.

This odd tangent may sound like we only had an outhouse at our home in which oddly was the case for a bit. When my parents bought the land we grew up on there was no house: only a barn, a few wooden grain buildings, and an outhouse. Instead of building a house they worked for a year (while we lived in a condo) transforming the barn into a house. Obviously the barn didn't have running water so outhouse he we come! 

The outhouse post this morning brought me back to being a 4 year old stuck in the outhouse terrified of a bug. It also made me think of how much work it must have taken to essentially build a house in a year while working full time jobs with a 12 year old, a 4 year old, and a 2 year old rippin around. Seriously. Good job 'rents! I couldn't have done it! 


  1. Haha! My mom is aaaalways creeping around and knows the very second I am tagged in a post or a picture, which she will then drill me about on the phone.

  2. haha, my mom's not on fb. well, my little made her an account but she never uses it. social media is not a big thing in my family. and sometimes i really thankful that my mom not in fb. god knows what my friends put on my wall. ha.

    this house is so pretty,

  3. awww i tried to get my parents on facebook but they're not into it! my dad loves the good ole email. :)

  4. My parents are not on Facebook and I love that, because I wouldn't want to see them sharing witty tumblrish photos or something like that. I am not a serious fb fan either, just keeping a profile to stay in touch with the rest of the world :)

  5. Cute little story :), and yeah, my mom is nuts online! Lovely image!

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  7. Happily my parents are not on facebook :) But plenty of aunts and uncles are... What an interesting post about outhouses! I've only ever lived in urban areas so I just have romantic ideas about what it would have been like to grow up living in a refurbished barn, using an outhouse. It seems amazing, but I can imagine that the outhouse got pretty cold in the winter.


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