Oh, The Places I've Seen - 2014

 I mentioned that we always try to get a certain pose with the both of us wherever we may travel to here. I also try to get one of myself gazing out yonder. When going through my photos of the year to prepare some "Year of 2013 Posts" I gathered up a few of the places that I have looked upon this year. I can't wait to see what 2014 shows me!


  1. beautiful. hope you have an amazing 2014 with many beautiful sights to see.

  2. I love these shots; what a great perspective. And they are such incredible sights!! Magnificent.

  3. beautiful! here's to another adventurous years!

  4. Such beautiful photos, you have captured some great landscapes and colours! I love this idea of being in the same pose in different places, I think it makes a lovely collection, really effective!

  5. ahhhh, these are beautiful!
    I've heard that Alberta is beautiful! I hope i can visit & see for myself one day :) Lovely blog! I cant stop looking at your pictures like a creeper =/ haha

  6. well, I'm going to use Shy, because it's beautiful! I love the idea that you have on this post. Everyone like snow, so do I, but the first one is amazing! Beautiful blog.


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