Photo Idol: Niche

I’m always looking for inspiration. Each month I will choose a photographer who really makes me want to be a better photographer.

I took a break off from My Photo Idol Series over the holidays but now I am back with a great photographer who goes by the pseudonym: Niche. Her name is Magdalena Lutek and she hails from Krakow, Poland. Her photographs marry nature and emotion in a beautiful way. They transport you into a dreamy scene that you can't help but be captivated by. I love when I can make up a story around a photograph. A picture tells a thousand words right? Well Niche has definitely inspired me to try and capture more simple emotion in my photographs. To try to take a photo that can take people into a whole new world.



Resolution V.1 - Tools of the Trade

Every now and then I am going to check in on my resolutions and see how things are going. Just a bit of a way to keep me accountable for the resolutions.

I am on my way to learning nalbinding! Well.... I haven't actually started learning the technique yet but all you need is a wooden needle and some yarn to get started. I didn't want to pour a bunch of money into this resolution because I wasn't a big fan of knitting. I, none the less, wanted to try another textile making method. Purchasing a nalbinding needle didn't look too daunting (a quick search came up with ones around $10 + shipping) but I decided to make my own and by make my own I mean get David to make me one. So he whittled me a couple and I dipped them in some stain and let them hang dry. For my yarn I just went to the thrift store and got a pack of 3 for $2. Now to get to actually make something! How are you guys coming along with your resolutions?

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Instagram Round-up: Winter Edition

I find that during the winter months here in Alberta I tend to stop bringing along the real camera and just use my iphone. When you're bundled up so much that you feel like the Michelin Man just for a walk you are not thinking about lugging around a camera as well. At least I am not!

Here's a little round-up of my instagrams from the past few months. January has been sooooo slow. I wish I was a bit more exciting but all I've been doing is working. Granted we have had some pretty nice weather this week. So last weekend we got out for some lovely walks and I'm hoping we can squeeze in a few more this weekend. I've been stuck in a windowless office for all the sunshine filled hours of the day for the rest of the week and it's making me SAD. Literally. Seasonal Affective Disorder has hit hard over here and I'm poppin vitamin D's like it's a full time job!

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Between The Lenses : New Beginnings

Tara of Tara Victoria and Latrina of Of Trees and Hues have started a photo collaboration called Between the Lenses that anyone can get involved in. I have participated in these before but I have always found none of them really suit my style. I feel like this is one I can get behind as I really identify with these two gals. Each month they will give a new theme and all you have to do is create your own blog post with the header found here with your themed photo and link up to either of their blog posts about the months theme. This month it is all about New Beginnings. I'll admit this isn't a new photo as I am locked away in the office working for the foreseeable future but I still wanted to get the ball rolling and get involved! Can't wait to discover some more like-minded people through Between the Lenses.

Edit: (Because I didn't explain myself!) This photo was taken last spring (Edmonton spring ins't until May) during a walk around Canmore on our first trip of the year. This trip was the beginning of many for 2013. 


Four Things to Accomplish in 2014

I am not usually one for resolutions! This year though I have thought of a few things I would like to focus on. Once I put them out in the inter world I might feel more inclined to make sure I actually follow through with them. Based on my 4 resolutions I really want to expand my creativity this year. Of course I have all the usual wants for the year: Eat better, travel more, and spend less. While those things are all a given, I want to try and accomplish a few more things this year. (Flower photos are from a trip to the Devonian Gardens a few years back... I am sick of looking at snow!)

Four Things to Accomplish This Year:

Try NÃ¥lebinding. 

Nalbinding is an old technique of fabric creation pre-dating knitting and crotchet using a single needle. I have tried knitting and didnt find it was really my cup of tea so I am searching for a textile technique that I can get behind. Who knows? Maybe I wont enjoy it either but it's worth a try! First thing's first: I need to whittle me a wooden needle!

Take a Pottery Class Again.

I took pottery for about 3 years back when I was 10 or so. I really liked it but I didn't really take it seriously as most kids do. I would really like to try this out again and take another beginner class! Classes start in April so I am signing myself up next month!

Create More Movies.

I want to expand my photography and try my hand at making little movies of our trips. I know movies take much more time then photos to edit and put together and I have no plans for any trips as of yet this year so I hope I can make at least one!

Make Some REAL Decisions.

For along time I have been wanting to leave Edmonton and move to Newfoundland. I have ever only lived here and to tell you the truth this place sucks life out of you. I long for a peaceful, ocean filled existence and a simple lifestyle. Edmonton does not present that. This year I want to make a plan, get specific, work out a budget and be on my way to saying goodbye to the Prairies!!


Bird Feeding

At the risk of beating the long dead "it's snowy and cold here" horse, I have some more snowy, cold photos! We went out to my moms to re-fill the bird feeders and visit with the clan. The chickadees and woodpeckers were particularily happy we stopped by with more food. Of course when I put my camera away the chickadees started playing! That first photo is the greenhouse we spent the summer making. One of the farms nearby was having a clear out and gave us tons of free windows if we just took them off the lot for them. We managed to cobble them together into a greenhouse like structure. Can't wait till the spring when we can get some use out of it!

This last photo is an accurate portrayal of how the two dogs feel about winter in Alberta. Keko (left) is hating life: needing to warm those frozen feet ever 5 min by the fire. Meanwhile, Ninny (right) looks more and more like a seal each year. Soon her neck is going to eat her head. Luckily, I don't think she can feel the cold through her blubber.

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