Four Things to Accomplish in 2014

I am not usually one for resolutions! This year though I have thought of a few things I would like to focus on. Once I put them out in the inter world I might feel more inclined to make sure I actually follow through with them. Based on my 4 resolutions I really want to expand my creativity this year. Of course I have all the usual wants for the year: Eat better, travel more, and spend less. While those things are all a given, I want to try and accomplish a few more things this year. (Flower photos are from a trip to the Devonian Gardens a few years back... I am sick of looking at snow!)

Four Things to Accomplish This Year:

Try NÃ¥lebinding. 

Nalbinding is an old technique of fabric creation pre-dating knitting and crotchet using a single needle. I have tried knitting and didnt find it was really my cup of tea so I am searching for a textile technique that I can get behind. Who knows? Maybe I wont enjoy it either but it's worth a try! First thing's first: I need to whittle me a wooden needle!

Take a Pottery Class Again.

I took pottery for about 3 years back when I was 10 or so. I really liked it but I didn't really take it seriously as most kids do. I would really like to try this out again and take another beginner class! Classes start in April so I am signing myself up next month!

Create More Movies.

I want to expand my photography and try my hand at making little movies of our trips. I know movies take much more time then photos to edit and put together and I have no plans for any trips as of yet this year so I hope I can make at least one!

Make Some REAL Decisions.

For along time I have been wanting to leave Edmonton and move to Newfoundland. I have ever only lived here and to tell you the truth this place sucks life out of you. I long for a peaceful, ocean filled existence and a simple lifestyle. Edmonton does not present that. This year I want to make a plan, get specific, work out a budget and be on my way to saying goodbye to the Prairies!!


  1. I hope you'll succeed in your resolutions. :) Amazing photos, remind me of summer.

  2. Those are definitive resolutions! I'm sure you can do it, I'll cheer you from here :)

  3. great photos as always! and with great resolutions too :) hoping you have a great 2014 filled with adventures and growth.

  4. Hi Shy!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog, so that I could find yours!
    It really looks like a place I know I will enjoy to come back to!

  5. A move - that would be quite the change, but such an adventure! I'm excited to see where the next year takes you :)

  6. I love that these are so do-able, Goodluck!
    Yeesdear Blog

  7. these are good goals and you can do it- sometimes its ok to take a leap :)

  8. Shy, i really love these photos. especially the first one. the colors and everything.

    you can do it!

  9. fun goals! I have never heard of nalbinding but it sounds interesting! Good luck!


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