Instagram Round-up: Winter Edition

I find that during the winter months here in Alberta I tend to stop bringing along the real camera and just use my iphone. When you're bundled up so much that you feel like the Michelin Man just for a walk you are not thinking about lugging around a camera as well. At least I am not!

Here's a little round-up of my instagrams from the past few months. January has been sooooo slow. I wish I was a bit more exciting but all I've been doing is working. Granted we have had some pretty nice weather this week. So last weekend we got out for some lovely walks and I'm hoping we can squeeze in a few more this weekend. I've been stuck in a windowless office for all the sunshine filled hours of the day for the rest of the week and it's making me SAD. Literally. Seasonal Affective Disorder has hit hard over here and I'm poppin vitamin D's like it's a full time job!

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  1. All of these pictures have such a sweet, calming atmosphere to them. So beautiful.

  2. I agree, winter spawns michelin men everywhere (that including me), lovely photos Shy!

  3. beautiful!! and oh no :( I got SAD pretty bad whenever the weather got cold too... hope you're okay!!

  4. This is a truly lovely Instagram Round-up!
    And, by the way, I totally understand what you mean. Here is Helsinki it is pretty challenging to carry around camera equipment during the winter too. I wonder if it gets colder in Alberta than it does over here - probably yes!

  5. your instagram roundups are my favourite!


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