Resolution V.1 - Tools of the Trade

Every now and then I am going to check in on my resolutions and see how things are going. Just a bit of a way to keep me accountable for the resolutions.

I am on my way to learning nalbinding! Well.... I haven't actually started learning the technique yet but all you need is a wooden needle and some yarn to get started. I didn't want to pour a bunch of money into this resolution because I wasn't a big fan of knitting. I, none the less, wanted to try another textile making method. Purchasing a nalbinding needle didn't look too daunting (a quick search came up with ones around $10 + shipping) but I decided to make my own and by make my own I mean get David to make me one. So he whittled me a couple and I dipped them in some stain and let them hang dry. For my yarn I just went to the thrift store and got a pack of 3 for $2. Now to get to actually make something! How are you guys coming along with your resolutions?

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  1. oh so good to hear that you are keeping it up!! I've been doing good on my resolution to pick up leisurely reading again. I love it so much, but have let it give way to distractions like social media in recent years. Feels so good to keep up with resolutions :)

  2. Fabulous! I cannot wait to see what you'll be knitting with that!

  3. Wonderful, now only thing left is waiting for your creations to be posted here!

  4. I love the texture of this pictures!

  5. oo love the yarn. my new years resolutions are going so far so good- my main one was to take out my sewing machine again and start using it.. well I took it out and have looked at it.. and have been thinking about it.. ok resolutions have been going terrible!


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