Speedy Stitcher

 Awhile ago I had lofty intentions to make some canvas bags for Christmas presents. I cut up my lovely canvas and went to sew it…. Well my poor machine couldn't do it! I didn't realize that the weight of my canvas was just too much for my machine to handle and since I had already cut it I couldn't bring back my canvas. Some complaining ensued and while David was looking around Lee Valley he spotted this  speedy stitcher to be used on canvas, tarp, leather, and other tough fabrics. He was a dear and brought it home for me. This kit comes with a curved and straight needle as well as a spool of waxed thread. Stitching bags by hand does not sound like a lot of fun so I am going to have to think of some other smaller projects to try this out on! Any Ideas?


Drumheller, Alberta

Oh Alberta. Just fields and cows as far as the eye can see. In the middle of seemingly nowhere the fields drop off and you enter a valley that looks like it doesn't belong. Millions of year of erosion creates amazing rock formations and leaves the hills exposing layers of history including the K-T boundary. You drop into the town of Drumheller which contains one of the best museums in the world (The Royal Tyrrell Museum). David is always on the hunt to find a dinosaur that will be named after him so anytime we are in the vicinity of Drumheller we need to stop for a little rummage around.


Paper Delivery Bag: Tutorial

During the winter I get a lot more craftier. I recently recovered a stool with the striped canvas style fabric you see above (that I found at value village for $1.99 might I add). I had a bit left over so I thought I would make a deep paper delivery bag with some left over faux leather. Perfect for fresh flower or a small grocery shop come spring.  I was inspired after I saw this crochet/leather bag tutorial from Courtney to do a "half and half" type bag. Since I am not skilled in the crochet department (yet!) I modified it to my own skills and wrote a bit of my own tutorial on it. All I can say is writing a good tutorial is hard!! So major props to anyone out there who does it! If I left anything out or you have any tutorial tips let me know!

Now I am no professional seamstress and anything I've learned, I've taught myself. My mom always cringes at my pattern-less free-styling. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't but you always learn something! The beauty with a free-style approach is that it can be adapted to use up what you have! Don't have as much fabric? Make a smaller version. No faux leather? Use a different fabric to complement. Add a zipper. Leave out the strap and make a fold over clutch. The possibilities are endless! The trick to sewing (in my humble opinion) is just finding the right sequence to sew in for your current project. Once you've got that down the rest is easy. That being said, I made a quick little zippered bag in the same "half and half "style right after this bag and totally messed it up!? A much more simple project and I was sewing in the wrong sequence. Seam rippers are my best friends sometimes!

I would also like to note that looking at these photos has made me realize how sadly dark my sewing area is. Our tiny apartment is in a bit of a U shape and the only area left for my crafty area is in the cradle of the U, meaning no natural light. Yellow incandescent mixed with an orange stained dining table and you've got some some weird reflective colours happening in my photos! Anyhoo... back to the tutorial!


Mom's House, Alberta

We try to visit my mom about every second week or so. David re-fills the bird feeders and I play with all my animal friends. This last weekend I brought the camera a took a few quick photos from around my mom's house. I am working on some sewing tutorials since I've been on a sew kick as of late and also I feel like I might be able to teach some nalbinding skills that I've been learning! The persistant house arrest of winter does get your creative juices flowing!


Brimstone Hill, Fogo Island, Newfoundland

Awhile back on my last Fogo Island post I said I had one more post to go but as I was looking through the photos I realized I had a lot of bits and pieces so there may be one more post and then I promise I will stop beating the dead horse! 

Honestly, Fogo was one of my highlights from 2013. I loved the small, quaint beauty of the island and even though it was outrageously humid for this prairie girl I loved roaming around all the paths, sweating it up. These photos are from Brimstone Hill which over looks the capital "city" of Fogo Island (also named Fogo). This is the biggest town on the whole island! We didn't go up as high as you could on Brimstone because once the stairs end you have a narrow free for all climb with cliffs and ocean on either side. It was SO windy that I thought I'd get blown off! 


Between Lenses: Love

Tara of Tara Victoria and Latrina of Of Trees and Hues have set up their second instalment of Between Lenses and it's all about love, fittingly. I was thinking of how I could express this on camera while I was visiting my moms yesterday. I was watching Olympics on the couch playing footsy my little buddy Keko and thought is there any more perfect love than between a gal and her loyal pooch!? Absolutely not! Even though he is the worst listener and sharer ever! He is still my best bud.


Question: Popped.

We got engaged.

It happened waaaaaaay back on Christmas Eve but I wasn't sure if I even needed to write a post about it. All in all we are very private people. It's not even Facebook official yet. Yep, that private. I do feel like this blog is about me but it's always hard to know how much to put out there about yourself.

We aren't intending on getting married until 2015. I probably won't make this space a wedding planning pinterest-fest. I will say we are planning on having it in Newfoundland and it will be mostly DIY so perhaps I will document some DIY-ing. I bought a dress pattern and plan on putting my new dress form to good use. Newfoundland is all forest and ocean and flowers so I am planning on utilizing that to make some decorations because hey, it's free! I am frugal if anything!

Also, who doesn't set up a ring photoshoot ..?


Loonies Only, Crow Head, Newfoundland

Another first for me in 2013(other than going whale watching) was getting to see an iceberg! Of course I can't say that without immediately imagining Titanic. My favourite movie as a 10 year old. My friend and I would play Titanic. I was always the lady with the baby who went up to Captain Smith before he locks himself in the Captains quarters. "Cap-I-Tan, Cap-I-Tan! Where do I go?" I would say before running down the stairs to the "lifeboats". This may have caused a sprain ankle at one point.

Enough about Titanic.

Word got around Twillingate that there was one lonely iceberg floating around and you could see it from the lighthouse at Crow Head. I was visiting in July so all the icebergs had already floated past by this time. I thought I was finally going to get to see one and when we got there... there was nothing. I thought all was lost until someone's grandpa pointed it out to me. The picture below was used with full zoom on my zoomiest lens. It still counts, right!?


Resolutions V2: Getting Started

Here is a quick snap of my progress when I started trying to create something to when I actually started creating something with nalbinding. The beginning few attempts (L to R) just look like sad, weird little knots. I tried out a few different tutorials but finally started to get the hang of it with this one! I spent roughly 2 hours to get to making a little bracelet. I actually was discouraged when my first 3 tries turned out so awful. Sometimes it's good to remind yourself that practice makes perfect in this impatient world!

Sad attempts 1-4:

Happy attempts 5-7. By 8 I had a bracelet!

And by 9, I had started adding onto my chain!

Bonus Pro Tip: I found it really hard to use my bigger needles we made (roughly 3/4" wide). It was either my thin yarn, my baby hands, or my less than ideal sanding job that was not helping me in my progress. Then I found a lady online using a modified chopstick and I promptly rummaged through my junk drawer to find one. I cut it in half and drilled a hole in the top and bam, an excellent nalbinding needle!


Summertime in Twillingate

This blast from this past summer. Where Obie the dog ran free in the nice warmth of the days and we wandered around behind him smelling the flowers. I miss those lazy days.

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