Brimstone Hill, Fogo Island, Newfoundland

Awhile back on my last Fogo Island post I said I had one more post to go but as I was looking through the photos I realized I had a lot of bits and pieces so there may be one more post and then I promise I will stop beating the dead horse! 

Honestly, Fogo was one of my highlights from 2013. I loved the small, quaint beauty of the island and even though it was outrageously humid for this prairie girl I loved roaming around all the paths, sweating it up. These photos are from Brimstone Hill which over looks the capital "city" of Fogo Island (also named Fogo). This is the biggest town on the whole island! We didn't go up as high as you could on Brimstone because once the stairs end you have a narrow free for all climb with cliffs and ocean on either side. It was SO windy that I thought I'd get blown off! 


  1. These are wonderful, Shy! What a beautiful place!
    Can I ask you which lens where you using while taking these? It must be wide and fabulous!

  2. What a wonderful place, the warning sign seem really ominous (flat earth!),
    love the last photo :)

  3. Such beautiful photos, I love the grey rocks peeking through the grass.

  4. what a great blog! beautiful pictures, the sign made me laugh so much!

  5. That third picture - me still my heart. So gorgeous.


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