Loonies Only, Crow Head, Newfoundland

Another first for me in 2013(other than going whale watching) was getting to see an iceberg! Of course I can't say that without immediately imagining Titanic. My favourite movie as a 10 year old. My friend and I would play Titanic. I was always the lady with the baby who went up to Captain Smith before he locks himself in the Captains quarters. "Cap-I-Tan, Cap-I-Tan! Where do I go?" I would say before running down the stairs to the "lifeboats". This may have caused a sprain ankle at one point.

Enough about Titanic.

Word got around Twillingate that there was one lonely iceberg floating around and you could see it from the lighthouse at Crow Head. I was visiting in July so all the icebergs had already floated past by this time. I thought I was finally going to get to see one and when we got there... there was nothing. I thought all was lost until someone's grandpa pointed it out to me. The picture below was used with full zoom on my zoomiest lens. It still counts, right!?


  1. must be such an experience to see an iceberg! lovely photos

  2. beautiful! and haha I love the titanic reference, my brother was obsessed with that movie growing up and I had to watch the dvd with him basically every weekend

  3. Shy, I absolutely love the mood of these photos. The tones are spectacular too!
    The iceberg surrounded by the fog is such a mesmerizing sight!

  4. The tones are so beautiful and kind of "calm" Shy :-) I adore.


Thank you for your comment!

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