Resolutions V2: Getting Started

Here is a quick snap of my progress when I started trying to create something to when I actually started creating something with nalbinding. The beginning few attempts (L to R) just look like sad, weird little knots. I tried out a few different tutorials but finally started to get the hang of it with this one! I spent roughly 2 hours to get to making a little bracelet. I actually was discouraged when my first 3 tries turned out so awful. Sometimes it's good to remind yourself that practice makes perfect in this impatient world!

Sad attempts 1-4:

Happy attempts 5-7. By 8 I had a bracelet!

And by 9, I had started adding onto my chain!

Bonus Pro Tip: I found it really hard to use my bigger needles we made (roughly 3/4" wide). It was either my thin yarn, my baby hands, or my less than ideal sanding job that was not helping me in my progress. Then I found a lady online using a modified chopstick and I promptly rummaged through my junk drawer to find one. I cut it in half and drilled a hole in the top and bam, an excellent nalbinding needle!


  1. What great progress. I've crocheted for almost 10 years now and I still get excited when i find new tricks and tips. I love the modified chopstick!

  2. Great progress! Every little step takes us somewhere, you can do it!


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