What March Looked Like

Here is a little collage of what I was up to during March. I am so happy it is almost over! Contrary to what children's rhymes would tell us, March came in like a lion and left like a lion so I am looking forward to April for so many things including a little bit of lamb like weather. Other things on that list: Planting my garden, starting my pottery class, longer walks, bare feet in the grass, and my birthday. I might be a little bias towards April but it is my favourite month of the year!



There is something about a chickadee that just makes you happy. They always seem like they are having fun. Flipping from branch to branch and singing away. The words spreads like wildfire when we re-fill the feeders and I happened to have the zoom lens with me this day. They are so cute!


Turban Style Knit Headband

Yep, there is a ridiculously close up photo of me for the sake of showing off my first real nalbinding (nalbound?) project! This was a super easy project and took me two hours maximum to make it. The thing I really love about the single needle knitting is how easy it is to create circular items. No need for any other tools but your finger and a tapestry needle. I also really like the look of the stitches. It's almost like a long continuous braid.

Everyone knows what they are getting for birthdays/christmas now!


Spring is in the Air

The snow is melting here. It's actually melting! I thought this day would never come! That means we finally get to try out our new greenhouse that we spent last fall making. This will be our third year that we have had this new and improved garden (these photos are from last year). We expanded last year to have a 30' by 30' plot  because our strawberries had taken over a solid chunk of the garden which was fine by us but we still needed space for all our other produce. The greenhouse is really going to help with getting the corn going early and providing a safe haven for our tomatoes and peppers when the temperature drops at night. Other items on the list this year: a few varieties of potatoes, zucchini, pumpkins, spaghetti squash, beets, cucumbers, multiple onions, lettuce, and a herb garden for my deck. I'm hoping to end last years spread cycle for the strawberries and cut them back so they focus on making me some fruit. We planted roughly ten strawberry plants in 2012 and last year we had well over fifty so I think they can stand to not spread this year. We also went from one raspberry bush in 2012 to six last year so hopefully that will yield us some fruit too. A little bonus was a rhubarb plant my mom planted 15 years ago and promptly forgot to do anything with. I found that sucker last year amongst some trees and shrubs and it was nearly 7 ft tall but I found it after it had ripened so it better watch out this year! Mmmmm I can already taste the rhubarb crisp…. can you tell I am excited to get planting?


Resolutions V.3 - Making it happen!

Every now and then I am going to check in on my resolutions and see how things are going. Just a bit of a way to keep me accountable for the resolutions.


I can honestly say that I have fallen head over heels for nalbinding! I absolutely love it. I have been using yarn that I got at the second hand store and while it was not really made for nalbinding, it proved to be a great for practicing. My first "project" turned into a strange cat sized toque so I moved on from that and to make this mediocre circle scarf. Nalbinding requires raw wool because you only use a metre section at a time. To seamlessly add more "thread" you have to water down your ends and rub them together. I could not do this with my practice yarn as it was the wrong kind so my circle scarf ended up having a ton of little knots in it but I perfected my technique with this and only spent $2 on it. After I felt comfortable I splurged and got some gorgeous, soft raw wool to try out and made a turban style headband (more on that in another post). Since I've been nalbinding up a storm I have expanded on this resolution to include re-learning how to knit! I discoverd a website called Sheep and Stitch and if anyone is trying to learn to knit this is the place! I love the design and free patterns! I have a bit of an issue of making my knits too tight which I am working on at the moment. Davina who is the brains behind Sheep and Stitch is so helpful! As per her suggestion I need to get a pair of large wooden needles, heavier wool, and keep practising! So to force myself to practice I am doing 4 rows of knitting a night and after I am done I can continue on my nalbinding projects. A reward based system! I'm calling it my warm up. I want to learn crochet too after I am done! Jack of all trades, master of none perhaps.

Pottery Class

I have officially signed up for my pottery class. Apparently it is one of the best in the province so I am pretty excited to get started. It also just happens to start on my birthday eve which is a Wednesday. Naturally, I took Thursday and Friday off of work to continue with my celebrations. I've started a pinterest board with things I would like to make. I've included a few above.

here here, ?

Movie Making

This resolution hasn't really kicked into gear yet. We are still covered in snow and will be till the end of April. Judging my the winter the northern hemisphere has had this year no one wants to see a movie starring more snow! 


Real Decisions

We have somewhat made some real decisions as far as moving across the country. Our plan is when David finds a teaching job in Newfoundland we will go! Be that this year... or next... or in five. That's a plan right..? Ok, this resolution is inching along. It is hard to save up the amount needed to move 6000km AND pay for our wedding in 2015. Although I am freakishly thrifty (aka cheap) so I hope all I have to pay for is catering, church, favours, and photography. I plan on making my own invites, decorations, dress, cakes, bouquets/bountineers, and bridesmaid presents; and thrifting cake stands, vases, and other bits and bobs I might need.


March in Alberta

Snow blindness. It's a thing and it definitely occurred during our first above zero day in who knows how long! I think it got to 3 and I was a sweaty mess. It is a bit sad when 3 feels like shorts and t-shirt weather. Since it was finally warm enough for Keko to wander around outside without requiring a snowsuit (poor dog was not built for -30C) we went for a little walk around. The light cloud cover and snow combination made for some squinty eyes. I'll take it though! 

Yes. Thats my bad dog running away.


Placentia, Newfoundland

This weekend couldn't have come fast enough for me! I've been suffering on and off from vertigo since the new year and the week has been a very topsy turvy one (no pun intended… or was it?….) It's a strange thing that vertigo.

This photo is from the little town we have decided to get married in!


Canvas Tool Roll: Tutorial

Last week I posted about my Speedy Stitcher and David thought of an idea I could try it out on. He has fancy chisels that needed some protection from each other and asked if I could whip up a canvas tool roll for him. It was a little tricky at first to get the hang of it but the speedy stitcher is pretty quick once you get going! The hardest part is staying straight. Heres how it works.


Tim's in Canmore, Alberta

Despite going to Canmore many times I had never noticed these hoodoo like rock formations until last year even though they are right off the highway! They are pretty camoflauged! You can get to them from below by trails or through the neighbourhoods above them. It proved to be a nice spot to enjoy our morning coffee. Tim's of course.

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