Canvas Tool Roll: Tutorial

Last week I posted about my Speedy Stitcher and David thought of an idea I could try it out on. He has fancy chisels that needed some protection from each other and asked if I could whip up a canvas tool roll for him. It was a little tricky at first to get the hang of it but the speedy stitcher is pretty quick once you get going! The hardest part is staying straight. Heres how it works.

Inside your stitcher you get a curved and straight needle that rest in the top of the awl. When you have the metal cover on it keeps everything safe from being poked. You insert the needle your desired needle in the top and attach the thread. This is the waxed thread that came already loaded onto the bobbin. The thread goes through the little hole, in around the silver button, and into the groove that leads it up to the needle where you then thread it. There is a groove in the needle that needs to be aligned with the groove in the handle for the thread to rest in. I found out this was more important then it seemed! Once your awl is loaded you are ready to get started.

To prep the tool pouch I took a square piece of canvas and folded two sides about 1/3 of the way up. I also folded the edges of the roll in but for a more clean look next time I will leave it flat and use some clear nail polish to run up the side to help stop fraying.

Pull the thread out to the length you will need to cover in your hand stitching and add about 5 more inches. 
Now poke your needle through the your starting point and pull all of your thread through the hole.

Draw your needle out and insert it where you would like your next stitch to be.

Here's the magic with the waxed thread. Pull your needle out half way and your wax thread bubbles out from your needle.

Thread your long length of thread through this bubble.

Pull the thread tight.

Remove your needle.

Stick your needle in the next hole and repeat the process.

Now I've reached the end of my fabric.

Use the same method as the usual stitch but pull the entire loose thread through the final hole so it will be on the loose on the backside now.

Cut your thread from your needle.

Tie a knot nice and tight and trim the loose ends. 

There you have it! A quick tool/paint brush/anything roll. Now to do a few more so I can practice being a little more straight. I would like to find some leather and make a nice leather purse for summer with it!

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  1. Wow, what an intricate and cool DIY! The leather purse sounds like a fun project. I'm not good with stitching anything, but it sure sounds like something I should try and attempt one day!


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