March in Alberta

Snow blindness. It's a thing and it definitely occurred during our first above zero day in who knows how long! I think it got to 3 and I was a sweaty mess. It is a bit sad when 3 feels like shorts and t-shirt weather. Since it was finally warm enough for Keko to wander around outside without requiring a snowsuit (poor dog was not built for -30C) we went for a little walk around. The light cloud cover and snow combination made for some squinty eyes. I'll take it though! 

Yes. Thats my bad dog running away.


  1. beautiful photos! I can imagine you are in need of warmer temperatures! hang in there

  2. These remind me of the Finnish countryside.
    Winter in Alberta must be incredibly harsh - even more than ours - but hopefully it won't be long until spring comes now!

  3. BRRRRR! looks cold and I always think dogs look like the pounce while they run in the snow. my pug is pretty naughty too- loves to bolt.

    1. Dog can be jerks sometimes! haha

  4. What gorgeous photos, love the open space and all that white!! Dreamy!! And fun, love that we were outfit twins. I also love wearing my stripey dress with my military jacket!! I've always loved your style! xoxo

  5. We're in North Idaho, and it looked just like this until a few days ago. Then it started raining, and today we even saw a bit of sunshine and green (last year's...) grass!

  6. These are gorgeous!
    For someone who lives in a place with tropical climate, pictures of snow and winter amaze me to no end.

  7. These are amazing! The light and the toning and the colours! Wow!


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