Placentia, Newfoundland

This weekend couldn't have come fast enough for me! I've been suffering on and off from vertigo since the new year and the week has been a very topsy turvy one (no pun intended… or was it?….) It's a strange thing that vertigo.

This photo is from the little town we have decided to get married in!


  1. enjoy your weekend, shy! and from what I can see in this photo, this little town looks soooo dreamy! can't wait to hear about more wedding plans.

  2. The photo is absolutely magnificent!
    I hope you'll have a nice weekend and that you're vertigo feeling will finally go away!

  3. Yay, on finding a spot to get married! We were so excited once we had ours all picked out! And man, sorry to hear about the Vertigo (thank goodness for the weekend, is right) hope it clears up soon!! xoxo

  4. oh, Shy. your photos make me want to move to alaska. asap


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