Spring is in the Air

The snow is melting here. It's actually melting! I thought this day would never come! That means we finally get to try out our new greenhouse that we spent last fall making. This will be our third year that we have had this new and improved garden (these photos are from last year). We expanded last year to have a 30' by 30' plot  because our strawberries had taken over a solid chunk of the garden which was fine by us but we still needed space for all our other produce. The greenhouse is really going to help with getting the corn going early and providing a safe haven for our tomatoes and peppers when the temperature drops at night. Other items on the list this year: a few varieties of potatoes, zucchini, pumpkins, spaghetti squash, beets, cucumbers, multiple onions, lettuce, and a herb garden for my deck. I'm hoping to end last years spread cycle for the strawberries and cut them back so they focus on making me some fruit. We planted roughly ten strawberry plants in 2012 and last year we had well over fifty so I think they can stand to not spread this year. We also went from one raspberry bush in 2012 to six last year so hopefully that will yield us some fruit too. A little bonus was a rhubarb plant my mom planted 15 years ago and promptly forgot to do anything with. I found that sucker last year amongst some trees and shrubs and it was nearly 7 ft tall but I found it after it had ripened so it better watch out this year! Mmmmm I can already taste the rhubarb crisp…. can you tell I am excited to get planting?


  1. I can feel it too ;) can't wait!

  2. I'm so happy for you! Here it had completely melted, but it has snowed again a few days ago... I was so disappointed!
    Your green house look magnificent! It must be exciting to grow your own food!

  3. These pictures smell of spring!
    I can only imagine what it's like to have a greenhouse and grow my own food!

  4. Spring~ Love your photos, I can almost smell the nature!!

  5. Since you love Rhubarb so much, have you tried the RHUBARB Tea liquor from Art in the Age? Amazing! It's my go to in the summer time.

    1. That sounds and looks delicious!! I don't know if they send to Canada though? Sometimes when small companies ship to Canada it ends up costing more than the product and it's a bit of a deterrent! :(


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