Turban Style Knit Headband

Yep, there is a ridiculously close up photo of me for the sake of showing off my first real nalbinding (nalbound?) project! This was a super easy project and took me two hours maximum to make it. The thing I really love about the single needle knitting is how easy it is to create circular items. No need for any other tools but your finger and a tapestry needle. I also really like the look of the stitches. It's almost like a long continuous braid.

Everyone knows what they are getting for birthdays/christmas now!


  1. This is the CUTEST, love how it turned out and the colour is perf too!! Happy spring, lovey!! xoxo

  2. It looks fabulous and it matches your beautiful blue eyes!

  3. How cute! it has a lovely color :D

  4. You look pretty! I like your blog.


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