At a Leisurely Pace

 Is there anything better then that feeling when you come home from a nice long walk though nature on a sunny day and find the perfect comfy spot to sit and continue your relax? Tired legs, a glass of refreshing water, and a true sense of calm…my paradise. These photos are not from today's leisurely walk (I'm still waiting on those tree to bud…) but from a wander up one of the mountains in Waterton.


Alberta Forests

I don't usually post on Fridays but I came across a collection of lovely but unrelated photos in the dark, dusty corners of my computer. They all go with each other quite nicely despite being from different times and places. Have a great weekend!


One Photo, Three Ways

Editing photos is one of my favourite parts of the photography process. I became drawn to photography in this way actually. I took a 2-d design course way back when and this is where I fell in love with photoshop. In the last year, I have really gotten into Lightroom and vsco presets. Often while I am editing there are a few different styles that stand out at me. From there I narrow down which version I like better and then usually do the while set in a similar look… hello 'sync' button in Lightroom!

I thought I would share a few of these photos now and then to show the difference a little editing can go to change the whole mood of a photo. Let me know which one is your favourite!

1. VCSO presets: Kodak E100VS Portrait (Plus my own tweaks)

2. My own B&W Lightroom formula

3. VSCO Preset: N-Kodak Portra 160 VC (Plus my own tweaks)

Original, Taken with Nikon D3100 + AF-S Nikkor 35MM 1:1.8


Fogo Island, Newfoundland

I saved these up all the way from last July. I am a little sad to say they are my last few photos from Fogo specifically from when I stumbled across my dream house. Ocean view, simple salt box style, heritage doors….perfection. Looking at these make me really question why I still live in Edmonton. 

I had a quick trip down to Calgary this Easter weekend for a baby shower for a friend and now it's back to work. I wish holidays could go on forever!
Hope everyone had a great Easter!


In the Garden: V.1

Something about vegetable gardening gets me all giddy. We planted a chunk of our vegetables last Sunday and these picture were taken one week later. It never ceases to amaze me how fast they grow. Even just in the span of 8 hours. It is still too cold to let these guys out into the greenhouse so for now my living room has been taken over. I have never documented my growing so I'm to use my blog as a way to track my garden this year on top of starting a garden journal. I also started a little garden box that keeps my seeds safe and garden stuff all together. Here is some unsolicited advice if you are new to gardening:

- Don't be afraid to start from seed. It is way more economical and can be re-used the next year if you have leftovers.
- Soak your seeds in a bowl of water overnight before you plan to plant them.
- Read the package. Different seeds need to be started in different depths and soil types.
- Water them!!
- Don't do it all at once. If you are starting early, not everything needs to be planted at the same time. Do a some one weekend and a few more the next. Wait until it's warm enough outside for shorter growing season plants. Gardening is no fun when you are stressed out trying to get everything planted in one go. I wont even bother to start carrots, parsnips, onions, and potatoes until the end of June.
- Read up on what works in your area. I have tried a few things that just can't work in my area. Even though cabbage and broccoli grow nicely they tend to attract bugs and I don't have time to babysit them constantly. It's just not worth it to have these in my garden. I am trying turnips for the first time this year which are notorious for pests in Alberta but I am going to try companion planting it with hairy vetch. That plant supposedly harbours good bugs that eats the bad ones! We will see how that goes!

Happy Gardening!


Spaghetti Squash


Green Zucchini

Yellow Zucchini


Cucumbers stretching for the light




Living room set up. Its doesn't seem like that much space is taken up even though we have 115 marigolds, 64 corns, 8 tomatoes, 32 squash, 32 cucumbers, 64 zucchinis, and 8 pumpkins.


Thawing Out

I am forever tweaking my blog design. I never seem to be happy with it for very long. It is really difficult to pin -point what I want it to look like here for some reason. Summing yourself up in a navbar and name isn't as easy as one would think. I like simple designs and easy navigation and while I liked the set up and imagery of my last look, the top photo was always competing with my posts. So I decided to get rid of it and bring back a more simple header. I am still not 100% satisfied with it but I am afraid I'm not sure I ever will be. Maybe someday blogger will expand and give more options or I will leave but for right now I will continue to experiment!

We spent a day this weekend at my mom's in the country again and much to my delight the water was flowing in the ravine. We finished adding a door to our greenhouse (by we I mean David as I laid on a bench in the sun and occasionally handed him a tool).

It is difficult for David to work on the greenhouse when the cats (mainly Bebe) are obsessed with him. I made an "attempting to work with cats" montage:


Birthday Day: The Big 2-7.

I find a photo an hour posts to be quite interesting for some reason. I guess the curiosity of how others spend their time interests me. My regular day has 9 of the best hours wasted at a desk at work so I never thought I would really be a candidate for these types of posts but it was my birthday last wednesday and I decided I wanted to try and get photos of how I spent my day. I used my phone for ease and definitely did not get a photo an hour but here of some highlights I did manage to get:

- I woke up and one of my favourite shows happened to be on so I stayed in the dark in bed and watched it.
- When I decided to finally leave the bed I moved waaaay over to the couch with a blanket and drank coffee.
- My grandma has been a chef at the same downtown restaurant for 40 years. I went down for a visit/free breakfast/get 2 bags of chicken fingers/pick up my cake (Birthday = Eating all day).

- Next I was off to the hair salon to cut my hair. Don't worry as you can see it's still too long to fit in the camera frame… I may have just wanted someone else to deal with it for the day.
- I came home and opened my present from David. A new 35mm camera lens! whooooo!!
- Back to the couch with blanket for a blogging sesh.

- After we went out for supper at one of my favourite restaurants. Famoso. I generally despise pizza but I can't get enough of their artichoke, pepper, and olive flatbread. I may have got too excited and started eating before remembering to take a photo.- I was so full when I came home I couldn't even break into my cherry cheesecake the grandma made me so I flicked on the pajamas, watched 21 Jump Street and headed for bed.What a perfect day!


Between Lenses: Warmth

I missed the last Between Lenses but I am back! Of course spring brings so much more sun which of course literally translates to more warmth. Warmth means its finally time to get the garden started. We have started our seeds in the front room and these are our marigolds popping up. We may have gone overboard as we have 115 seedlings of just marigolds. Including all the vegetables, our living room is packed right now. I hope to plant my marigolds all over the garden to keep all those pesky bugs away. You can also blend the stems, buds, and leaves up and and use as a natural pesticide on your plants and a mosquito repellent on you and your pets!

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