Between Lenses: Warmth

I missed the last Between Lenses but I am back! Of course spring brings so much more sun which of course literally translates to more warmth. Warmth means its finally time to get the garden started. We have started our seeds in the front room and these are our marigolds popping up. We may have gone overboard as we have 115 seedlings of just marigolds. Including all the vegetables, our living room is packed right now. I hope to plant my marigolds all over the garden to keep all those pesky bugs away. You can also blend the stems, buds, and leaves up and and use as a natural pesticide on your plants and a mosquito repellent on you and your pets!


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous image! I love it. And you're totally making me wish I had a yard to start a garden! Definitely plan to pot some soon though. :)

    Thanks so much for being a part of this, girl!

  2. Beautiful photo!!! so glad you joined it :) i'm with trina, this is definitely making me wish i had a little garden! might have to start one soon!!


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