Birthday Day: The Big 2-7.

I find a photo an hour posts to be quite interesting for some reason. I guess the curiosity of how others spend their time interests me. My regular day has 9 of the best hours wasted at a desk at work so I never thought I would really be a candidate for these types of posts but it was my birthday last wednesday and I decided I wanted to try and get photos of how I spent my day. I used my phone for ease and definitely did not get a photo an hour but here of some highlights I did manage to get:

- I woke up and one of my favourite shows happened to be on so I stayed in the dark in bed and watched it.
- When I decided to finally leave the bed I moved waaaay over to the couch with a blanket and drank coffee.
- My grandma has been a chef at the same downtown restaurant for 40 years. I went down for a visit/free breakfast/get 2 bags of chicken fingers/pick up my cake (Birthday = Eating all day).

- Next I was off to the hair salon to cut my hair. Don't worry as you can see it's still too long to fit in the camera frame… I may have just wanted someone else to deal with it for the day.
- I came home and opened my present from David. A new 35mm camera lens! whooooo!!
- Back to the couch with blanket for a blogging sesh.

- After we went out for supper at one of my favourite restaurants. Famoso. I generally despise pizza but I can't get enough of their artichoke, pepper, and olive flatbread. I may have got too excited and started eating before remembering to take a photo.- I was so full when I came home I couldn't even break into my cherry cheesecake the grandma made me so I flicked on the pajamas, watched 21 Jump Street and headed for bed.What a perfect day!


  1. Happiest of belated birthdays, babe!!
    Loved this post xxxx

  2. Looks like a fun and relaxed way to spend your 27th birthday! (we're the same age... I just had my 27th a few weeks ago!)
    So awesome that your grandma is a chef! And wow your hair is pretty!!

  3. happy birthday! I love photo an hour posts as well

  4. Sounds and looks like a very nice birthday!
    Happy belated birthday, Shy!


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