Driftwood Beach, Alberta

I've held onto these photos for 9 months now. I really really didn't like the lighting. The sun had set over the mountains and left it really dark on the side of the lake we were at. While I liked the photos, the colours seemed really meh to me. Cue the B&W. I don't think I've done an all black and white set on here yet. This post on the abandoned American Military base is the closest I have come but it's more blue and white. 

Anywho, this is Driftwood Beach. It is naturally littered with driftwood and I picked out my favourites. Sadly as I was walking back to the car with my haul I noticed the DO NOT STEAL DRIFTWOOD FROM THE BEACH sign. I had great plans for my new walking stick but I had to leave it in it's natural habitat. 


  1. The black and white makes them really beautiful and somehow nostalgic!

  2. I think they turned out beautiful! I love all the driftwood!

  3. I love the black and white! I've always wanted to see a driftwood beach. It's too bad that you couldn't take home a tiny souvenir!

  4. these photos are gorgeous. feels like I just saw screen captures from a film


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