Photo Idol: Polly Balitro

I am always looking for inspiration. Each month I will choose a photographer who really makes me want to be a better photographer.

Blogging is a strange thing sometimes. Somehow out of the woodwork you manage to find like-minded people who never cease to inspire you. Polly provides a ton of inspiration over at her blog Passer Domesticus. She takes you on a visual tour of Finland and other parts of Europe through her film and you become transported to another place. Looking at her lovely travels on film makes me really want to break out the film camera that I couldn't figure out, got frustrated with, and quit using! 


  1. I love these, they are gorgeous!
    -Deana, from Birds&Oxfords

  2. Dear Shy, thank you so much for asking me to be your April Featured Photographer! I'm honoured to be on your lovely blog! ♥


Thank you for your comment!

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