Resolutions V.4 - Current Projects

Every now and then I am going to check in on my resolutions and see how things are going. Just a bit of a way to keep me accountable for the resolutions.

I started my pottery class last night and it was great!  We didn't get on the pottery wheel yet but worked on a bit of table work. I made a ring dish, a little salt cellar, and a small oval tray. I can't wait till next week to make some new things and continue working on those! It is 3 hours once a week so I think I will definitely be able to get some nice pieces done!

I have also been continuing on with my nalbinding-turned-into-knitting resolution. Here's what I've been working on!

Baby Toques


Tis the season for babies in my life I guess and that mean baby shower gifts! These toques are great for nalbinding practice. I can whip one up in about an hour or two now. First up a co-worker had a baby that this light sea foam hat is for. It's still cold enough that she will get some wear out of it this year. The blue hat is for one of my oldest friends. She isn't due until June so I thought I would make it big enough for the baby to wear next winter. I am also going to be an aunt again in September so I foresee I will be making more use out of my new skills!

_DSC0765 _DSC0767

The Cushy Cowl


I finally finished the cushy cowl from the pattern I got from Sheep and Stitch. I made mine much longer and narrow because apparently I can't follow directions. It's not perfect. There are a few holes and mis-stitches. Purling when I should have been knitting and so on but overall I quite like it and I definitely will be making more for next winter!


Another Scarf


I am practicing counting my rows and making a bit of a pattern just for some extra practice.


No Idea...


There are so many things wrong with this thing, I don't even know what it is going to be! Apart from the obvious holes there are way too many stitches on my needles and it is difficult to stitch when reaching the ends. I can't wait to run out of this ball of yarn! Either way it is good practice for small stitches. Maybe I will sew the ends together and make a small circle scarf?




  1. Wonderful creations, Shy! The Cushy Cowl looks especially wonderful to me - great choice of colour!

  2. I have always wanted to do pottery!


Thank you for your comment!

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