Thawing Out

I am forever tweaking my blog design. I never seem to be happy with it for very long. It is really difficult to pin -point what I want it to look like here for some reason. Summing yourself up in a navbar and name isn't as easy as one would think. I like simple designs and easy navigation and while I liked the set up and imagery of my last look, the top photo was always competing with my posts. So I decided to get rid of it and bring back a more simple header. I am still not 100% satisfied with it but I am afraid I'm not sure I ever will be. Maybe someday blogger will expand and give more options or I will leave but for right now I will continue to experiment!

We spent a day this weekend at my mom's in the country again and much to my delight the water was flowing in the ravine. We finished adding a door to our greenhouse (by we I mean David as I laid on a bench in the sun and occasionally handed him a tool).

It is difficult for David to work on the greenhouse when the cats (mainly Bebe) are obsessed with him. I made an "attempting to work with cats" montage:


  1. Oh man, amen, you and me both. I'm forever changing my design. However, I think I'm finally happy with mine!! Love what you've done with yours and I think it's fun to keep evolving so go for it, I say! ;) And yay for things warming up and spring making it's way to you too!! xoxo

  2. Beautiful photographs! I adore it when the sky looks so dramatic!

  3. Awww!! I love the photos of David and the cats!

  4. Yes, you have to push this little button, it loosens up the spool and helps with rolling up the film :) and the question isn't stupid, all cameras are different, I'm lost with mine sometimes. :D

  5. These pictures are incredibly beautiful! These birch trees! Haha, and the cat :)

    I loved the large picture header from your last design (want something similar for my blog, too) but I also like te simple header you have now! In the end it comes to the pictures, so I can understand why you want simplicity. Same here...

  6. wow, the colors are gorgeous !


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