Between Lenses: Colour

The Between Lenses brought to you by Latrina and Tara this month was Colour. My photo is colour in a very literal and tactile sense. While I was organizing my craft area I realized how much colour there is in my art supplies and how influenced we are to create with it. This last month has been a super creative one for me so I thought this photo was fitting!


Resolutions V.5 - Pottery

Here are the first of the fruits of my labour in pottery class. All these items were hand built. Hopefully my first things from the wheel will be done soon. 

Ring Dish

I find glazing to be the scariest part of the pottery sequence. Even though there are samples, you never really know what your final product will come out like. I used what was supposed to be a dark blue for the rim and middle pattern on the ring holder but over the white it came out more brown. I still like it though but its a bit nerve-racking hoping your final product will come out like you envisioned it.

Salt Cellar

I love how my little salt cellar turned out! As it was near Easter we learnt how to make a hollow "egg" but I knew we weren't going to be getting them till many weeks after the holiday so I turned my egg into a salt cellar and made a little matching spoon. The glazing turned out to be a bit splotchy but I think it's adds to the charm.

Hanging Planter

I added one of my wee marigolds for editorial purposes here. I actually made a set of two, the other one being much smaller, and am going to get some small cacti to plant in them. In the excitement of making my first pots I forgot to add a drainage hole... oops!

Plant Markers

Before you glaze your pieces you have to paint the bottom and sides with wax so the glaze doesn't stick to the bottom and wreck the kiln. As you can see by the non-uniform colour I am bad at painting the wax! I essentially got it all over the place! To create the pattern I used the clay roller with a rubber mat that had a wood grain pattern over top. I pressed in alphabet soup letters to make the words. Once they went into the kiln the pasta burnt away and left the words!


In the Garden V.3 - Space Planning

A written rule here in Alberta is to wait till after Victoria day to plan your garden. Sadly, the risk of frost and snow is still a real threat throughout May and even into June. This year the long weekend comes a bit early so we are still going to wait until June to get our big plants into the garden going but I do hope to get some seeds in the ground sooner. This is the first year we haven't just "winged" it when it came to the space planning of the garden. As a perpetual planner I drew up a little garden plan (Can you tell I work as a drafter?).


Over the winter I found this book called Carrots Love Tomatoes by Louise Riotte and browsed through it. I am not really a book reader so it was a nice surprise that this book was broken up into bite size portions of information per plant in alphabetical order. The book is mainly concerned with companion planting and details which plants you should and shouldn't have near each other but it also includes little tips such as the best to deter pests as well.


After thumbing through it, I started making up a plan for the garden and am really eager to see if this increases the productivity and health of our beloved veggies. Our strawberries are already located on the south side of the garden and were not going to be relocated so I used that as a starting off point with the looking up strawberries and seeing what their companion is and making that my next row. I repeated this process until I had a spot for everyone. The only row I am not sure about is the corn. I would like it on the far north end so it doesn't end up shading anyone. I haven't decided what to so with that yet! Of course I can't keep everything completely happy and maximize my space at the same time but this book lead to a great jumping off point with lots of quick helpful hints.




Somewhere Oceanside

I really could use an adventure right now! Hopefully in 2 months time we will be able to go back to Newfoundland for a vacation. This weekend was a long one but we didn't do any travelling. My hatred of driving really tends to hold us back. I am fine being a passenger but David's car isn't reliable enough for a long trip and my car is a standard (which he doesn't drive) so if we want to go anywhere I am left driving and I am usually annoyed the entire time! Arn't I a treat! haha


One Photo, Three Ways

     I was playing around in lightroom last night so here is another instalment of one photo, three ways. This is quite possibly my favourite photo I have ever taken so it has cropped up on here before. It's one of those photos that not only turned out nice but has such great memories attached to it! We went to check out the ocean bird nesting habitat as it was the perfect time of year. When we arrive we heard millions of birds that had colonized a towering rock in the ocean but the fog was so thick we never saw a single one! We just sat and listened to them and had to use our imaginations! My favourite is number 3. Whats yours?

Fuji Velvia 50 Balance Warm:

N-Fuji Neopan 1600 +:

Remy (From a beautiful mess' lightroom actions):



Wedding Thoughts On: Where and When

I'm still going to hold true to not sharing huge pinterest collage about wedding details but this year I have found my little photo blog turning into more of a place to document all parts of my life and not just my travels. Thus spurring this impulse to start writing down my thoughts, strategies, and questions that crop up while planning. Don't mind me...


River Otters, Newfoundland

On a little road trip we stopped at this bridge to check out the rapids and have a little stretch. We started hearing the strangest high pitched squeak and David (being the avid bird watcher) was extremely intrigued so we headed down to the banks to see if we could find this mysterious bird. Low and behold it was the most playful pair of river otters squeaking away at each other. Bobbing in and out of the foam, diving off the rocks and throughly enjoying themselves. They are a bit hard to see in some of these photographs but they are in numbers 3, 5, 6. Talk about a bad day to forget the zoom lens! 


Mother's Day Gift


I have to admit my handmade mother's day presents have come a long way since macaroni picture frames. I decided to make my mom a light cotton robe to wear whilst drink coffee on the deck this summer. I was going to free style it in my usual way but after finding this shirt pattern in the $1 section I thought I could modify it just enough to get the robe I envisioned out of it. Also, I wanted to prove to my mom that I can sew from a pattern. She thinks me making my wedding dress is going to end in disaster. She taught me how to sew but seems to have no faith in me! Mom's these days!

_DSC0138 _DSC0139 _DSC0142


In The Garden: V.2

We are now the proud owners of a jungle in our living room. We were hoping to move the big stuff out to the greenhouse last weekend but it called for snow again and we couldn't subject our poor plants to that even in the greenhouse. In just 4 short weeks the vegetables have gone wild even with only one balcony window. The pumpkins even had to be re-potted already.  If your wondering what we are going to do with an apartment full of plants here is our garden situation. David and I live in a small two bedroom apartment on the edge of the city but my mom lives in on an acreage which is about 40 min away. This is where we have a greenhouse and a ~ 50ft x 70ft garden which is where these little guys will end up. Hopefully next weekend I can reclaim a bit of the living room!

Tip: I am not sure if I would use the cow pots from the photo above again. They might be good for a short period but they are starting go moldy on us and the marigolds are no where near ready to go in the ground yet. I also heard the top rings of the pot do not really disintegrate when you plant them. Not a big deal but I would probably cut them off when planting. 

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