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You may or may not have noticed that I (annoyingly) change up my blog's design often. As I mentioned before I seem to never be happy with it for long. That being said I have been spending the last week trying to create a bit of an easy navigation to see all my posts in one spot and be able to have a bit of a preview you can choose from. After too much googling and way too much coding I have managed to start rounding up and categorizing all my posts! A bit nit-picky at first but once you get the code down copy paste becomes a fast friend and doesn't take too long! 

Way up at the top in my navbar you will now see Newfoundland, Alberta, and Lifestyle. If you give those a click you can look at all my posts that pertain to those! Would anyone be interested in a tutorial?

Now onto my search bar (that is where ever it feels like being), I can't seem to get that little guy to stay in one place!


  1. It looks wonderful, Shy! Great job!

  2. I do the same to my blog. I change it very often, I just can't make it... right to me.


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