In The Garden: V.2

We are now the proud owners of a jungle in our living room. We were hoping to move the big stuff out to the greenhouse last weekend but it called for snow again and we couldn't subject our poor plants to that even in the greenhouse. In just 4 short weeks the vegetables have gone wild even with only one balcony window. The pumpkins even had to be re-potted already.  If your wondering what we are going to do with an apartment full of plants here is our garden situation. David and I live in a small two bedroom apartment on the edge of the city but my mom lives in on an acreage which is about 40 min away. This is where we have a greenhouse and a ~ 50ft x 70ft garden which is where these little guys will end up. Hopefully next weekend I can reclaim a bit of the living room!

Tip: I am not sure if I would use the cow pots from the photo above again. They might be good for a short period but they are starting go moldy on us and the marigolds are no where near ready to go in the ground yet. I also heard the top rings of the pot do not really disintegrate when you plant them. Not a big deal but I would probably cut them off when planting. 

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  1. These look incredible! I truly admire people that are able to grown their own veggies - and you are doing it in an apartment! Well done, you!


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