In the Garden V.3 - Space Planning

A written rule here in Alberta is to wait till after Victoria day to plan your garden. Sadly, the risk of frost and snow is still a real threat throughout May and even into June. This year the long weekend comes a bit early so we are still going to wait until June to get our big plants into the garden going but I do hope to get some seeds in the ground sooner. This is the first year we haven't just "winged" it when it came to the space planning of the garden. As a perpetual planner I drew up a little garden plan (Can you tell I work as a drafter?).


Over the winter I found this book called Carrots Love Tomatoes by Louise Riotte and browsed through it. I am not really a book reader so it was a nice surprise that this book was broken up into bite size portions of information per plant in alphabetical order. The book is mainly concerned with companion planting and details which plants you should and shouldn't have near each other but it also includes little tips such as the best to deter pests as well.


After thumbing through it, I started making up a plan for the garden and am really eager to see if this increases the productivity and health of our beloved veggies. Our strawberries are already located on the south side of the garden and were not going to be relocated so I used that as a starting off point with the looking up strawberries and seeing what their companion is and making that my next row. I repeated this process until I had a spot for everyone. The only row I am not sure about is the corn. I would like it on the far north end so it doesn't end up shading anyone. I haven't decided what to so with that yet! Of course I can't keep everything completely happy and maximize my space at the same time but this book lead to a great jumping off point with lots of quick helpful hints.




  1. I cannot wait to see photographs of your garden once planted! I'm sure it's going to be wonderful!

  2. It looks like a great plan! Can't wait indeed to sea the results. Hope that everything will work out fine, you never know it with before.

  3. Looking forward seeing your garden!

  4. I love how you planned your garden! I'm not so much into gardening but this makes even me excited about it! Can't wait to see how it turns out!

  5. would love to see your garden blooming!


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